Gregory Luce

Gregory Luce – A Violinist With Adoptees United

Greg fell deeply in love with Eastern Oregon and wanted to call it home permanently. He enjoyed visiting its mountains and fishing its many rivers and mountain lakes.

Intervening defendant CIC has had their motion for summary judgment (dkt # 70) granted. CIC asserted that they have no duty to defend Luce’s claims for First Amendment free speech and assembly violations against Kelemen as their actions did not occur under any color of state law.

Early Life and Education

Gregory Luce was born and raised in various states across the U.S. He graduated with his BA and MA degrees in English/creative writing from Oklahoma State University as well as becoming an accomplished poet whose poems have appeared in Kansas Quarterly Review, Cimarron Review and other journals.

He cared for an assortment of animals during his lifetime, such as mink, dogs and horses – specifically his beloved horses, which he enjoyed competing in barrel racing events with.

In Campbell, Luce is taking legal action against an ordinance which bans signs on Interstate 90 overpasses within town limits. According to him, Chief of Police Tim Kelemen violated his First Amendment right of petitioning without fear of retaliation and committed civil identity theft; however, Luce has failed to establish that Kelemen was acting within his capacity as law enforcement when accessing his personal data or signing him up for websites.

Professional Career

Legally, he was recognized for his expertise in defending health care providers and suppliers against civil and criminal investigations conducted by federal and state authorities, and providing advice regarding voluntary disclosures and False Claims Act defense strategies for companies.

He was also an accomplished trial attorney, having tried a wide range of significant cases both state and federal courts. Furthermore, he served as an arbitrator on hundreds of matters.

He was an avid fly fisher who would frequent Eastern Oregon to fish its rivers and mountain lakes, passing his love of nature on to his children and grandchildren. He is resting peacefully at Canyon City Cemetery in Canyon City, Oregon.

Achievement and Honors

Luce has performed with numerous ensembles, such as the Akron and Mansfield Symphonies, the Cleveland Chamber Orchestra and as the associate principal violist with Erie Philharmonic. The Washington Post described him as an appealing natural player; moreover he has premiered numerous works in varied ensembles across the country.

Since beginning his career, Luce has been invited to perform and teach as a guest artist at various schools, festivals, and workshops. Additionally, he has collaborated in interdisciplinary artistic collaborations such as those with Mark Morris Dance Group.

Author of several works including Signs of Small Grace (Pudding House Publications), Drinking Weather, Memory and Desire and Tile; winner of 2014 Larry Neal Award for adult poetry. Retired from National Geographic Society as an educator/mentor volunteer tutor/mentor and now lives in Arlington Virginia.

Personal Life

Gregory Luce was a man with many interests. An avid fisherman and duck hunter who delighted in telling funny jokes, Gregory also worked very hard in raising mink for his family business, working at their horse ranch and caring for animals all his life.

In this case, Luce has filed suit against the Town of Campbell alleging they violated his First Amendment rights by adopting and enforcing Ordinance 9.12. He asserts that this ordinance violates his freedoms of speech and assembly while simultaneously violating his First Amendment rights in retaliation for his vigorous opposition to it.

Respondent Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) contends that for Kelemen to be covered under its policy, any acts giving rise to Luce’s state and federal claims must have taken place under cover of law.

Net Worth

Mr. Luce serves as Executive Director for Adoptees United Inc and also owns a law firm which specializes in matters pertaining to adult adoptees. His estimated net worth stands at approximately $1.5 Million.

Luce has also served as an attorney, hosting Acquire the Fire youth rallies and ministry clinics nationwide that draw in tens of thousands of teenagers and youth workers alike. Additionally, he has written books and articles related to adoption-related topics.

Graduating from Le Moyne College and the State University of New York at Buffalo, he served on several charitable boards – Catholic Children’s Home Society of America and St Paul’s Catholic School in Tampa being among them – as well as being featured on radio and television programs as an expert guest.

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