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Bowling Celebrity Profile – John Douglas “Guppy” Troup

Guppy Troup, known professionally as Guppy the Trouper on the PBA Tour, currently resides in Taylorsville, North Carolina and competes on this circuit alongside his son Kyle who also bowls on it.

In 1979, Troup set an amazing record by winning six consecutive 300-game tournaments in succession. However, following that year he felt dissatisfied with his performance and considered quitting but ultimately continued with participation and earned over $23,000.

Early Life and Education

John Douglas “Guppy” Troup is a professional ten-pin bowler competing on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moving with his family when he was three years old to America;

Guppy has been a member of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) since the mid ’70s and during that time has earned eight national championships as well as 41 victories at PBA Regional Tour contests.

Guppy Troup and his wife Sherri Herndon Troup have a son, Kyle, who also bowls on the PBA Tour. Guppy and Kyle became only the fourth father-and-son duo in standard PBA Tour history (Dick Weber/Pete Weber, Don Johnson/Jimmy Johnson, and Don McCune/Eugene McCune are the others). When traveling for tournaments they prefer Airbnbs over hotels as these contain kitchens where they can prepare healthy meals themselves.

Professional Career

Guppy Troup, best known for his colorful hair and sunglasses on the lanes, has amassed eight national titles and 41 regional tour victories on the PBA Tour. He is known for his innovative bowling style and flair on the lanes.

Troup has had a lasting impact on young bowlers as well, as his son Kyle currently competes professionally on the PBA Tour South circuit and both father-son duos have won titles on this PBA standard tour circuit together.

Troup is also well known for his commitment to fitness; when not bowling he works out with trainers who have worked with elite athletes like Tommy Jones and Norm Duke. When traveling for events he strives to eat healthily; often staying at Airbnbs with kitchenettes so he can prepare his own meals.

Achievement and Honors

John Douglas “Guppy” Troup has amassed eight national championships and 41 PBA Regional Tour contest victories since joining the Professional Bowlers Association Tour (PBA Tour) tour. Additionally, he is often honored with their Player of the Year award.

Kyle also competes on the PBA tour and became part of an exciting father-and-son duo that became only the fourth father-and-son duo to win an event together in May 2015 at Shawnee, Oklahoma’s PBA Wolf Open tournament. These two are an entertaining pair both on the lane and before TV cameras alike.

Guppy’s drive for competition has led him to adapt his training regimen differently in 2021. Instead of doing pull-ups as often, he’s focused on flexibility, mobility and cardio – hoping that when season three resumes he can return to winning ways!

Personal Life

Guppy Troup, known professionally as Guppy Bowler since the mid 1970s, has won eight national titles and 41 regional tournaments during his Professional Bowlers Association Tour career.

He is currently part of both Storm and Vise Grips pro staffs, married to Sherri Herndon and has one son, Kyle who bowls on the PBA Tour. Kyle won his inaugural title at Shawnee Oklahoma’s PBA Wolf Open tournament in May 2015, making them only fourth father-and-son team to do so (Dick Weber/Pete Weber; Don Johnson/Jimmy Johnson; Don McCune/Eugene McCune are the others).

Troup is currently semi-retired from bowling and holds several jobs at a school when not competing on the PBA Senior Tour. He resides in Taylorsville, North Carolina.

Net Worth

Guppy Troup’s estimated net worth is approximately one million. He owns several businesses including a bowling center and sports apparel manufacturer; earnings from these enterprises fund his professional bowling career and other personal endeavors.

John Douglas “Guppy” Troup, commonly referred to by his nickname of Guppy, has won eight national championships as an American professional ten-pin bowler and participated in 41 Professional Bowlers Association Regional Tour contests. He is widely recognized for his retro Afro hairdo and vibrant bus-style wardrobe – earning him the moniker “PA’s gaudiest dresser”! To top it all off he often adds sunglasses or jewelry accessories into his look for added flare.

Kyle Guppy currently competes on the Professional Basketball Association tour and has twice won the PBA Wolf Open tournament. Additionally, he won both 2021 and 2022 Kia PBA Playoffs titles as well. Kyle often joins his father at tournaments, often sharing photos together online.

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