Hailee Steinfeld Jonathan Ross Show

Jonathan Ross Show – Relive the Magic All Night Long

During his tenure as host of the late night show, Jonathan Ross enlisted some of Hollywood’s a-list to discuss the latest and greatest in television, film and music. It was an interesting study of their varying tastes. They opted for a triumvirate of the du jour: a kooky comedian, an effervescent movie buff and a rockstar musical performer. The result is a cacophony of entertainment. One of the funnest parts is watching the bafflingly diverse cast of characters engage in a jolly good time. Some hysterical laughter, some oohs and aaahs, and an enduring kinship. In short, it was a night to remember. And the best part is, you can relive the magic all night long. So why not?

The show is a good nightcap on a Saturday afternoon, if you’re up for a romp, and your local listings will list you in the swarm. If you’re not, you’ll need to look elsewhere, but that’s a different story. You’ll also be treated to a bevy of Marvel characters and other ghouls, and, if you’re lucky, some live entertainment of your own. Those with a taste for the aural will appreciate the mix of quality and quantity, and your hard earned money will go a long way.

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