Hailey Holiday Baking Championship

Haley Miller Wins the 2015 Holiday Baking Championship

One of the contestants of the 2015 Holiday Baking Championship is Haley Miller, a baker from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the Sullivan Culinary School and owns Kentucky Wildflour Cakes in Beaver Dam. She is also multi-talented. She is a pastry chef, a home baker, a business owner, and she loves to cook.

This year’s competition began on November 1 and will end on December 20. The contestants are tasked with creating holiday themed desserts that incorporate traditional ingredients. The winner of the competition will be awarded with a grand prize of $50,000. A total of nine bakers competed. The final three will battle for the title of Holiday Baking Champion.

The first challenge was a nutty chocolate dessert. Each baker had to make one of three varieties: brownies, bars, and cookies. The second challenge required bakers to prepare an edible wreath dessert. The third and final challenge was to make a holiday gift cake. Each of the three bakers must create a unique holiday gift. They are also assigned a color to highlight in the holiday dish.

The first baker to win immunity was Jody. She chose gingerbread. She also won Preheat. She has full 90 minutes to complete the final challenge. The second winner was Adam. He has the chance to make the best dish, which will earn him a spot in the Main Heat. The winner will advance to the final round.

The next challenge was a Thanksgiving dessert. Each baker was assigned a mystery canned item. They were to use it to make the Thanksgiving dessert in under an hour. They were to pair a fall ingredient with cranberry. The icing was to be mirror glaze. This was a nod to the past and to the future. The final challenge was to create an edible wreath dessert.

The next challenge was a cookie showdown. Two least successful bakers would be forced to compete. They would be given a pistachio and a cherry pistachio to pick from. The winner of the cookie cake will go on to Main Heat. The second baker to be eliminated will be determined at the end of the eight-episode run.

The judges on the show are Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, and Carla Hall. Each of these judges has served as a judge for the holiday baking championship since season 1. The host of the show is Jesse Palmer. He has been the host since season 4.

The final round of the holiday baking championship will be on Sunday. The episode will feature three finalists who will battle for the prize of $50,000. The judges will choose the winner from these three. The remaining bakers will be asked to add a holiday spin to their baked goods and to highlight popular vacation spots.

This holiday baking championship will be aired on Food Network from November to December. During the six episodes that have been aired, there have been nine bakers. A baker is eliminated every week.

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