Hannie Strasser

Hannie Strasser is an acclaimed actress born August 8, 1937 under the zodiac sign Leo.

She is married with two children. Originally hailing from Santa Monica, California.

She is best-known for her portrayal of Officer Jon Baker on CHiPs with Erik Estrada and currently resides in San Fernando Valley, California.

Early Life and Education

Gregor Strasser was born in Geisenfeld, Bavaria, Germany and joined the army as a volunteer during 1914 and saw action at the western front during World War One. Following that conflict he studied pharmaceuticals before embarking on his career as a pharmacist.

He was one of the key founding members of the NSDAP and helped it grow to be a national organisation with many members in northern and western Germany. Furthermore, his ideology greatly shaped their ideology profile while drawing in support from members from lower classes.

Adolf Hitler failed in his efforts to steer the Nazi Party away from him and their rivalry only intensified when Reich Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher attempted to break apart the NSDAP.

Professional Career

Hannie Strasser is a prolific television writer and feature film screenwriter, as well as hosting home makeover show While You’re Out on TLC and co-hosting Adam Carolla Show. Additionally, she is married to Larry Wilcox and shares two children together – Derek and Heidi; two daughters with Judy Vagner as her first husband; one more daughter from Hannie Strasser as second; they currently reside on his ranch in San Fernando Valley with Marlene Harmon (former Olympic Heptathlon Team member from 1980).

She is straight and ranks No. 41,994 on the Top Celebrity Women Most Girl-Crushed-Upon list. She enjoys watching New York Yankees baseball games. Additionally, she owns two animals named Lilly and Coco whom she can often be found playing with or tending.

Achievement and Honors

Hannie Strasser has been honored with the Strasser Prize for outstanding writing. This award honors Susan Strasser, former University Honors Program director. It is determined by a faculty committee which evaluates papers on criteria such as critical thinking skills, clarity of argumentation, writing proficiency and style. Typically held during spring semester, students will be informed through Honors blog and newsletter that one grand winner and two runners-up have won this prestigious competition and received prizes as a result of it.

Personal Life

Astrologically speaking, people born on August 8 fall under the zodiac sign of Leo. Leos tend to be dramatic and theatrical individuals governed by their hearts who enjoy basking in the spotlight and reveling in celebrations of themselves. Hannie Strasser was married for three years to actor Larry Wilcox (Officer Jon Baker in CHiPs). Wilcox has five children; Derek being his oldest while Heidi works in dentistry; two others being from his marriage with Marlene Harmon – Ryan and Chad as well as Ryan and Chad from his previous relationships – previously Judy Vagner as well as Hannie Strasser who was an assistant sound technician on CHiPs before marrying Marlene Harmon – where he now resides with Hannie Strasser who works full time on their California ranch acreage together with Marlene Harmon.

Net Worth

Hannie Strasser has spent over four decades working in entertainment but has never become rich; as of 2023 she had an estimated net worth of just $2.5 million and owned a ranch in San Fernando Valley. She is mother to three children: Derek Wilcox appeared in two episodes of CHP before becoming a dentist; Heidi works as an assistant sound technician in Los Angeles while sons Ryan and Chad live with Marlene Harmon Wilcox who was an Olympic heptathlon participant in 1980; before this second marriage Strasser was married for 10 years to Danish assistant sound technician Judy Vagner before marrying Dutch assistant sound technician Hannie Harmon for only 3 months (either side was not).

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