Happy Tree Friends 20th Anniversary

Happy Tree Friends 20th Anniversary Party Ideas

Whether you’ve known your friends for years, or you just met them, the best way to spend a day is to spend it with them. Here are a few ideas to help you create a fun and exciting day.


Amongst the four original Tree Friends, Giggles is one of the most endearing and well-meaning. She is a pink chipmunk with a white belly marking and a big red hair bow. She has a plethora of impressive achievements in the fields of ice skating, flowers, and environmental awareness. She was the first of the four to be shown as a friend, and she is the only one who makes an appearance in every episode.


Originally created by Rhode Montijo, Cuddles is one of the original characters of Happy Tree Friends. The character has been featured in many Happy Tree Friends advertisements, and has appeared in numerous Happy Tree Friends episodes.

Cuddles is also a Happy Tree Friend’s unofficial mascot, and a very mischievous character. He is usually a nice character, but his mischievous side often leads to his death.

Cuddles is also a fan of rock music. He has a Myspace account and loves collecting antique electric toothbrushes. He also has a love of carrots.


Despite his unintelligent, stupid, and dimwitted nature, Lumpy is one of the most memorable characters in the Happy Tree Friends series. In fact, Lumpy has made more appearances than any other character on the show. He has been given more responsibility than any other character, making him the Jack of all trades in the series.

Lumpy has been portrayed in a negative light in several episodes. He is shown to be unkind and cruel, causing the death of a few characters. He is also shown to do harmful acts towards the environment.


During Happy Tree Friends’ 20th anniversary, many of the fans have asked what’s new in the show. They’ve been told that five seasons of the show have been released on the Internet. The series also features new characters.

A music video for the song “Break” was released in 2008. The video was produced in association with Mondo Media.

Happy Tree Friends is an animated series that features millions of visits per episode. It is created by Rhode Montijo and Kenn Navarro. The series aired on G4 in 2006.


Throughout the years, Happy Tree Friends have been replete with characters that are a hoot to watch. Among them are the twin green raccoons, Lifty and Shifty, who seem to be more than the sum of their parts. They also have a knack for building cars, which they occasionally use for transporting the humans around Happy Tree Town.

While they don’t get a lot of time on screen, Lifty and Shifty have made appearances in various TV series and web series. They have played a big part in helping characters escape a magical island, but they also have been the target of many a cat and mouse game.

Buddhist Monkey

During the golden age of cartoons, Buddhist Monkey and the gang were all the rage. The aforementioned monkey was capable of boiling water in a lake, and learned to wield a pair of fire axes like a pro. He was even trained by the aforementioned Sensei Orangutan. This kooky monkey even had an afro, which was promptly burned off in the aforementioned blaze. Normally, Buddhist Monkey is a kindhearted fellow, and the aforementioned monkey is no exception.


Whether or not Happy Tree Friends actually lasted the test of time is a debatable topic. As of this writing, the show has no new episodes to speak of. However, it is still one of the longest running shows from Mondo Media. At one point, it was screened at film festivals. And, it was one of the first shows to receive an official mention from Mondo Media.

In the Happy Tree Friends sandbox, the main characters live in a bright and happy world. They are anthropomorphic forest animals that are adorable and colorful. They have an impressive line-up of animals including the eponymous “Happy,” a squirrel, a beaver, a dinosaur, and a bunny. The characters also perform various mundane duties, such as raking leaves, cleaning up a pothole, and helping a dog find a stray pet. It is an adult animated web series. During its time on the internet, Happy Tree Friends received over 15 million hits per month.

Dumb Ways to Die

Whether you are new to Happy Tree Friends or just a fan of the series, you might have noticed that the Tree Friends’ characters are a little different from each other. In Dumb Ways to Die, for example, the four “original” Tree Friends (Toothy, Giggles, Lifty, and Shifty) are not the only ones to die. Some of the other characters get injured and die, too. But the deaths of these Tree Friends tend to be a lot messier than their counterparts.

Banjo Frenzy

Originally named The Happy Tree Friends Bonanza, this is the first Happy Tree Friends short. It features a blue dinosaur with a banjo playing for the small woodland animals. The banjo breaks, and the critters laugh at the dino. The dinosaur tries to kill the animals with it, but one mammal manages to strike back and strike the dino down.

This is a colorful character, and he’s one of the shock humor characters. He’s pastel colored, and his nostrils disappear several times in the movie. He’s also a murderous dinosaur, and he’s constantly laughing maniacally.

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