Henry Ajder

Henry Ajder

Henry is renowned as an authority on generative AI and immersive technology. He led the first research assessing its effects, presented BBC’s ‘The Future Will be Synthesized’ series and regularly advises organizations about both opportunities and risks associated with this ground breaking technology.

At conferences such as SXSW, CogX and Adweek he is in high demand as both keynote speaker and panel chair; additionally he writes Tracer, an insightful weekly newsletter covering synthetic media and deepfakes.

Early Life and Education

Henry Ajder hails from the UK and received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Oxford University, receiving both. Subsequently, his research shaped global understanding of hyperrealistic synthetic media technology while working closely with companies and government agencies on understanding its challenges and opportunities.

Henry is an authority on Generative AI and the media revolution. He presented BBC’s documentary series “The Future Will Be Synthesised”, is an accomplished author and speaker; known for customizing his presentations to suit specific audiences he often gets hired as keynote speakers at events like SXSW and CogX as keynotes or advisors to Meta Reality Lab and is part of All Party Parliamentary Group on AI.

Professional Career

Henry Ajder is an internationally acclaimed expert at the forefront of generative AI and deepfakes revolution, having spearheaded one of the first studies that quantified its impact. Additionally, Henry serves as an advisor helping organizations navigate opportunities and risks associated with game-changing technologies such as these.

He is both an international speaker and broadcaster, hosting the BBC documentary series The Future Will Be Synthesised as well as appearing as an AI expert in international news media outlets. Furthermore, he regularly publishes the Tracer newsletter with insight into fakes, disinformation campaigns and emerging cyberthreats.

As an impressive technology keynote speaker, he has presented at events such as SXSW, CogX and Oxford University. Additionally, he serves as EY’s “AI Luminary Advisor”, sits on Meta’s Reality Labs Advisory Council and acts as Strategic Advisor to The Partnership on AI.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Ajder is an esteemed global advisor, speaker, and broadcaster at the forefront of Generative AI and synthesized media. Through his pioneering research mapping genAI’s impact, he has transformed society’s understanding of this revolution; currently serving on EY’s Generative AI Luminary Advisory Council and Meta’s Reality Labs Advisory Board respectively. Additionally, Henry is host of BBC documentary series The Future Will Be Synthesised as presenter and is frequently invited as keynote speaker about GenAI around global media platforms such as Twitter or Skype!

He counsels organizations on the opportunities and challenges these game-changing technologies present, helping shape international legislation and corporate AI strategy. He is also at the helm of Synthetic Futures as the pioneering founder.

Personal Life

Henry is widely respected for his cutting-edge research into artificial intelligence (AI) and synthetic media, serving as an advisor, speaker, and broadcaster on these cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, he serves as presenter of BBC’s documentary series ‘The Future Will Be Synthesised’ documentary series while leading non-profit organization Synthetic Futures.

He has become an authoritative voice on synthetic media and deepfakes, contributing to global news publications like NYU, WIRED and The Guardian. Furthermore, he frequently appears on podcasts and radio shows to provide expert analysis and opinions regarding emerging technologies such as these.

Henry is a visiting research associate at Jesus College, Cambridge and serves as both Strategic Advisor for Ernst & Young’s Generative AI Luminary program and European Advisory Council member of Meta Reality Labs as well as Partner on AI advisor for The House of Lords. His work has revolutionised how society understands generative AI and deepfakes impact.

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