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Henry Bryan – TikTok Star

He represented Tennessee’s 6th congressional district from 1819-1821 and missed 113 out of 242 roll call votes.

After the Revolutionary War, he and two sisters traveled from Delaware to Centerville and settled there, but did not talk much about their past lives.

Henry has spent his entire career raising Angus cattle and serving agricultural organizations. He is known for being patient, thoughtful and taking an intuitive approach when making decisions.

Early Life and Education

Henry Bryan was born in Dublin, Ireland. As a naval officer he served with the United States Navy during World War I. For his efforts he received the Navy Cross.

After the Revolutionary War, The Bryans relocated from Delaware County, where they had traded fine silks and paisley shawls as merchants, to Centerville where they raised a family of daughters and built a school on their farm where they taught children from nearby neighborhoods free of charge.

Henry prioritized civic engagement and encouraged his students to get involved with local charitable organizations as well as politics. Throughout his career, Henry participated in Close Up trips – including one that gave him firsthand experience of budget discussions taking place live!

Professional Career

Henry Bryan has been working in real estate finance since 1991. Currently he serves as Co-Founder and President of Citation Capital Partners, a mortgage brokerage based out of Santa Monica, CA that specializes in single family, multi-family, commercial financing solutions as well as community involvement such as Heal the Bay, The Vikings Club and Catholic Big Brothers.

Henry Bryan Hall the Junior (1808-1856), Henry Bryan Hall was an esteemed portrait painter and stipple engraver who moved to America after moving with his parents from England. Following their arrival, Henry Bryan Hall produced several etchings depicting figures from American colonial and revolutionary history for private clubs in New York and Philadelphia as well as plates for Ryall’s Eminent Conservative Statesmen publication.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Bryan was a dedicated servant to several Royal Houses during his life and was duly rewarded. Additionally, he managed to stay clear of court life pitfalls without losing his sense of equilibrium.

Bryan was able to maintain good relations with King Henry VIII, even while being related to three of his wives and serving as one of his intimates, through skillful manipulation and flattery.

This book does a fine job of detailing Bryan’s life from its inception with his jousting accident which led to the loss of an eye, to its closure with him retiring to Ireland at age 95. While some parts may be dry (e.g. when discussing ambassadorial missions or military campaigns), overall this read provides an enjoyable and educational experience.

Personal Life

Henry Bryan is an American entrepreneur and real estate developer. He co-founded Citation Capital Partners, an organization which arranges financing for commercial real estate transactions. Before founding Citation, Bryan worked at George Smith Partners.

Bryan is best-known for his sexism and anti-Catholicism, while also writing several biographies, such as that of Walt Whitman in 1905’s A Life of Walt Whitman which popularized an unfounded myth that Whitman fathered an illegitimate child with a high-born southern woman whose family did not recognize the relationship due to class prejudice.

Bryan was elected to the United States House of Representatives from 1819-1821 and, during this period, missed an average of 46.7% of roll call votes (113 of 242).

Net Worth

Bryan Henry is one of the world’s best known TikTok Stars, having built up an illustrious career in this space. His exceptional talent and skillset have won him worldwide recognition, earning him wide acclaim around the globe and an estimated net worth estimated to be $5 Million.

He is actively involved with various local and state organizations, serving as voting delegate at the Angus Convention. Additionally, he remains committed to advancing the breed while aiding agricultural organizations.

He has invested in cryptocurrency and amassed millions of dollars. Additionally, he has appeared in popular movies and TV shows such as Child’s Play and Joker; both received critical acclaim as well as awards nominations.

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