Henry Champion

Henry Champion

Henry Champion served in the 2nd Connecticut Regiment during the Revolutionary War. Afterward, he settled down and raised two prominent sons – Epaphroditus being one of them who would serve with him in Colchester as Commissary of the Army, eventually reaching General status himself.

He valued and respected the will of the people when expressed through democratic institutions.

Early Life and Education

Henry Champion first made a living as a tavern owner but quickly expanded his wealth and stature through land speculation and his law practice, advocating for what he saw as human rights; although an opponent of slavery, Champion still bought land and slaves to further his personal gain.

Henry was invited to participate in the Constitutional Convention but opposed its adoption, believing that its passage would give too much power to the federal government. His Anti-Federalist Papers helped shape both Bill of Rights legislation and Democratic-Republican policy positions.

Champion married Deborah Brainerd and had two sons named General Henry and Epaphroditus who both served in the Revolutionary War. Later, he settled down in Colchester where he raised his family.

Professional Career

Henry excelled during his inaugural year with the WWF, breaking three junior American records and winning numerous matches while serving as backstage producer for the company.

Henry was briefly known as the World’s Strongest Man, performing tests of strength while spectators placed bets. Later reuniting with Santino Marella for tag team competition which proved fruitless.

At Unforgiven, Henry lost the ECW Championship to Matt Hardy, ending his brief reign. Tony Atlas would become Henry’s manager upon returning to WWE.

Henry began feuding with Sheamus after Sheamus repeatedly attacked Henry with Brogue Kicks to show he was superior. This eventually escalated to TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs where Henry sucker-punched Big Show during chairs match competition.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Champion will be honored with induction into the College Football Hall of Fame this year and also founded Two All Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to leveling playing fields for today’s youth. A standout running back at Alabama, Henry Champion was nominated as 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee.

He earned the rank of World War II Navy Ace while participating in 40 combat missions and shooting down five enemy aircraft while engaging in aerial combat.

While in Portsmouth, England, he read a number of books including Progress and Poverty by Henry George and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels; these texts had an incredible effect on him; they changed his outlook on life significantly as they caused him to question Britain’s foreign policy as well as resigning from its Army.

Personal Life

Champion was an unassuming individual who dedicated much of his time and energy to family and friends. He married twice and raised two sons: Henry and Epaphroditus. Additionally, he founded the Connecticut Society of the Cincinnati.

Champion became increasingly interested in social and political issues as he read Progress and Poverty as well as the Communist Manifesto, among other works. These readings radicalized him further and caused him to question Britain’s foreign policy decisions.

Champion was an active supporter of working class rights despite coming from a privileged background, editing The Labour Elector and championing eight-hour days as well as criticizing bad employers. Additionally, he supported forming a new working class party while criticizing trade union Liberal MPs in Parliament. Furthermore, Champion was an active businessperson, serving on several company boards himself.

Net Worth

Henry is a two-time Olympic Champion and former UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight champion, earning more than three million dollars as an MMA fighter and over half that amount as a coach.

He is one of the only individuals in history to win gold medals in two different weight classes and also won a UFC championship. He became well known for his cringeworthy personality and eventually came to be known by the nickname Triple C after becoming well known.

He currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $4.5 million and makes his money through wrestling, PPV appearances, brand promotions and weightlifting activities. In addition to these sources of income, he owns Liverpool FC football club as well as being principal owner of Boston Red Sox baseball team.

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