Henry Coerdt

Henry Coerdt

On June 13th, a fire tore through Henrie and Barbara Coerdt of Chagrin Falls Ohio as well as their two dogs at their ranch in Old Snowmass, Colorado, killing all three along with Clint who survived but suffered second and third degree burns over 44% of his body.

The engaged couple still plans to marry next August, but first have plenty of insurance and estate matters to take care of.

Professional Career

Henry Coerdt is an American actor and military officer known for his roles in movies, TV shows and theatre productions. Additionally he served in the United States Air Force where he was deployed twice to Vietnam – now living in Chagrin Falls Ohio as part of their Republican party affiliation and boasting an estimated net worth of about $1.5 Million since first entering entertainment industry since early 1980s.

Professionally, his career has been both exciting and trying. Nominated for numerous awards he eventually won some himself; highly respected actor with an extensive acting resume.

Personal Life

Coerdt currently resides with his wife, Kate Sartain and two sons: Thomas and Allan. Since moving to Colorado in early 2010, this couple have sought an outdoor and community lifestyle in Colorado.

Henrie Coerdt is an American actor, producer, and businessman best known for his portrayal of General Pollack on Commander in Chief – also a veteran of the United States Air Force and an advocate for veterans affairs.

Henrie Coerdt is an elderly Republican living at 17017 Cats Den Road in Chagrin Falls Ohio with an estimated net worth estimated to be in the region of $80 Million. His sister Barbara Joy Coerdt also resides there, as does Hillary Clinton whom he knows personally.

Net Worth

Henry Coerdt has amassed an estimated net worth of USD 20 Million through his acting career, which includes appearances in films like TV movie “The Absent-Minded Professor” and Stephen King miniseries “It.” Additionally, Coerdt is a cancer survivor, having had half his body burned from cancer treatments before having new skin grafted onto it on his back; still affected by burns but recovering some range of motion, Coerdt can often be seen appearing in comedy shows and movies alike.

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