Henry Goldbeck

Henry Goldbeck – Managing Director of Goldbeck Recruiting

Goldbeck Recruiting’s business may have decreased since pre-COVID legislation came into force; however, we are still making placements in industries which are experiencing steady growth; for instance health care and chemical equipment/processing firms.

Henry Goldbeck was best-known for his panoramic group photographs as well as scenes of local communities and around the globe. Additionally, he created numerous other types of photographic prints.

Early Life and Education

Denise Goldbeck, a registered counselor and master’s in developmental psychology, has created cutting-edge programs for children and families based on her vast understanding of child development as a performer, dance teacher, singer.

Goldbeck was born in Hidewood, South Dakota. While attending Turners Falls High School he prepared for admission into Dartmouth through Phi Sigma Kappa membership.

Starting his photography business in 1905, he took his first photos in 1900 and by 1905 had embarked on panoramic group portraits and freelance work for local newspapers. Over 15,000 negatives document American (especially Texasan) cities, landscapes, people, events and military life from 1900 to 1980 arranged into five series: Military; People and Events; Places and Commercial Prints

Professional Career

Henry Goldbeck founded Vancouver-based Goldbeck Recruiting 27 years ago and has become one of the leading executive recruiters in Western Canada with his team of high-performance recruiters delivering results with integrity. Additionally, Henry serves as an experienced career coach and mentor.

His business has seen great success during a period of widespread job insecurity due to its expertise in cross-border recruiting between the United States and Canada. Clientele include small, midsize and large corporations as well as public companies.

Military, the largest series, contains 8,207 items that span formal portraits of officers and personnel, maneuvers at forts and encampments, souvenir folders, parades and events in San Antonio as well as souvenir folders. A second series contains 2,467 Shriners parades, assorted clubs rodeos portraits individual/group portraits; finally there are also scenes depicting American (primarily Texasan) cities and landscapes dating from 1910-1980.

Achievement and Honors

Goldbeck has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. He was honored with being recognized as the Purchasing Professional of the Year and receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Institute of Purchasing Managers; additionally, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association awarded him their Excellence in Purchasing Award.

Graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Married to Paula and with three children; William Bonney from Nucla, CO; Tricia Petersen (Mark Petersen of Clinton); Marie Goldbeck-Strunk from Davenport. Additionally they have four grandchildren: Zachary, Levi and Daisy Bonney plus Alexis Syverson and Maddisen O’Dell.

He is also the author of You, Again – an amusing modern take on When Harry Met Sally that was published by Transworld as both an ebook and paperback original in 2023.

Personal Life

After various odd jobs, Goldbeck began selling “kidnapped” photos. These impromptu shots taken without subject consent and then put up for sale were popular during this time, financing trips across West Coast and South America with profits from these pictures. He also purchased a Cirkut camera revolving tripod that enabled panoramic pictures to be taken quickly with single exposures.

His photographs often featured military parades, maneuvers and fort scenes; large group portraits with multiple prints from one negative were particularly profitable; his military coverage continued up until demand declined after World War II.

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