Henry H006

Henry H006 MkII Review

Henry firearms are undeniably iconic. Boasting top-grain American walnut stocks and an exquisitely polished brass receiver, their designs stand the test of time.

Henry rifles offer superior safety over pre-1966 Winchester Model 94 or Uberti 1866 replicas due to their half-cock hammer notch and crossbolt safety, plus they feature an accessory cantilever scope mount that positions it over the receiver.

Early Life and Education

Henry Henry was born into one of Claremont, New Hampshire’s most prominent families. His grandfather had been a millwright who developed the wry-fly water wheel which helped bring prosperity to paper and textile mills in Claremont. However, Henry wasn’t satisfied with his career despite its apparent success; he wanted more creative freedom rather than leading daily production, and this desire led him to design the first lever-action rifle ever. Today Henry Big Boy carbines are prized pieces of American history and culture as collector items – even it is believed Count Jan Kanty Dzialynski used one during January Uprising!

Net Worth

Henry Repeating Arms was established by Anthony Imperato in 1993 using his home equity loan to purchase equipment needed to produce 19th century-style black powder firearms at his small factory in Brooklyn, New York. Since then, their product line has expanded into centerfire lever-action rifles such as Henry H006 Big Boy as well as rimfire lever-action rifles such as Model 700 and 850 models. Mr Guy has completed at least 9 trades of Synalloy stock over the last year as detailed by this Insider Trading Tracker table.

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