Henry H009B

Henry H009B Lever Action Rifle

Henry rifles are an ideal option for anyone interested in lever action firearms made in America. These blued steel, under barrel tubular magazine rifles feature loading gates on either side of their receiver that allow users to drop cartridges directly in. This method differs significantly from that used on Winchester Model 94 or Marlin 336 lever actions which load cartridges using sliding an inner brass tube most of the way out and dropping them inside, similar to Winchester 94 or Marlin 336 lever actions.

Early Life and Education

Henry was an individual of many talents who held numerous occupations throughout his lifetime. His innate creative ability led to him pursue engineering and firearms design careers. As Henry was not satisfied with the available rifle options, he set out to create a lever-action weapon that would meet both his personal needs and those of others. Thus was born Henry Repeating Arms. Today, the company continues producing the Henry as a way for consumers to experience its heritage and start new traditions of their own. The Henry H009B lever action rifle chambered for 30-30 Winchester offers 20″ octagon barrel and five round tubular magazine capacity; additionally, this firearm features straight grip American walnut stock with brass finish finish for optimal shooting experience.

Professional Career

The H009B is a lever action rifle chambered for 30-30 Win with a five-round tubular magazine. Featuring an eye-catching 20″ blued steel barrel with fully adjustable semi-buckhorn and brass bead sights; brass receiver that can accept scope mounts; 100% American made; select American walnut stock and forearm.

The Henry H009B lever action deer rifle is ideal for hunters who wish to continue old traditions while creating their own. Boasting classic caliber and American walnut finishes, this gun makes the ideal starting or rekindling point in deer hunting.

Achievement and Honors

Henry rifles continue to raise the standard in lever-action rifles. Last year’s auction of serial number one of New Original Henry and an Original Henry from 1865 raised an unprecedented $100,000 for the National Rifle Association Foundation.

The H009B is an eye-catching lever-action featuring an impressive 20″ octagon barrel, brass receiver and barrel band, brass bead front sight, drilled and tapped magazine holding five rounds, quick chambering speed and 100% American production with quality American walnut furniture in both forend and stock.

Personal Life

As with its predecessor, the Henry H009B lever action rifle is designed to become an heirloom-quality lever action rifle for future generations. Chambered in 30-30 Win, this particular model boasts an eye-catching 20″ octagon barrel featuring historically accurate buckhorn iron sights. Additionally, its brass receiver allows scope mounting. Made in America from select American walnut wood furniture in its forend and stock, this rifle makes an excellent way for deer hunters to pass down family traditions to future generations of deer hunters while starting new ones with their sons or daughters!

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