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Henry Boultinghouse – The American Oilman

Boultinghouse wells were, in oilman parlance, “hallelujah wells.” They marked Henry Petroleum’s breakthrough into Wolfcamp territory and served as an early signal that they had found something promising there.

Feavel had long been seen around Midland as an unassuming geologist who spent his days poring over deed records and crunching numbers on a computer, but then came the wells. Everything changed dramatically for Feavel when these unexpected surprises arrived on his doorstep.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Marshall, Texas and attended Marshall College for his early education. Following his marriage to Odelia Reisner he moved to Beaumont where he worked in the oil industry with numerous partnerships as he believed it was important to spread out risks associated with exploration and production across several ventures.

He was an ardent family man and deeply cared about his wife, as well as being involved with various community organizations and charitable activities; such as being one of the founding members of Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute and supporting Matagorda Bay Foundation.

He was an avid learner who took an interest in geology. He generously supported The Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin through scholarships and programs.

Professional Career

The 19th-century oilfield was an unpredictable landscape that required both courage and curiosity for success. Today, however, American Oilmen continue to inspire through driving tank trucks and transporting drilling equipment, leading exploration, innovation, and propelling the industry into the future.

Jim Henry was an industry pioneer and served with distinction on the University of Texas Board of Regents, fighting fiercely for academic excellence and free expression for students and faculty. Additionally, he made generous donations to charitable causes while playing an instrumental role in developing both Big Inch and Little Inch pipelines. Jim belonged to several professional associations: International Association of Drilling Contractors; Independent Petroleum Producers of America and Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Achievement and Honors

Henry has successfully navigated his way through a volatile industry by adhering to a set of core values that has led his company towards growth and prosperity.

He pledges his dedication to conducting business honestly and fairly, technical excellence, and keeping costs to a minimum. Furthermore, Henry intends to preserve the company for future generations through an independent Board of Directors consisting of two representatives from his family, two from Henry Organization (HO), one from HF (Heavy Metal Foundation) and an additional independent representative.

J. D. Rockefeller and J. Paul Getty may no longer exist, yet their legacy still inspires those that take risks to make their mark on society. Today’s wildcatter combines curiosity, courage, and ultimate risk-taking into an engaging form.

Personal Life

Henry lived a fulfilling and adventurous life as an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur and adventurer. He enjoyed entertaining others by serving up longhorn steak and buttermilk pie to friends and family alike.

One of his earliest memories was witnessing and hearing of the Lucas Gusher in 1901, signaling the start of an oil boom that forever altered Texas history. From 1935-1941 he served on the University of Texas Board and used his knowledge of oil industry operations to substantially increase revenue from oil holdings, advocating fiercely for academic excellence and free expression for both students and faculty members.

Henry died peacefully at age 97 in March 2016. He was an outstanding father, husband, and friend to all those he encountered.

Net Worth

In 1861, 21-year-old Henry pooled together $600 from savings and set out on an adventure across western Pennsylvania to explore newly discovered oil fields. Soon thereafter he founded Wamsutta Oil Refinery – earning more in one year than in three whaling trips combined!

Through Providence Minerals, he owns millions of oil and gas acres including New York and Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale play estimated to be valued at over $2 billion. Additionally, he is one of Karl Rove’s major supporters for American Crossroads super-PAC.

Philanthropically active, he has bestowed thousands of college scholarships and supported various community organizations. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Jackson School of Geosciences through grants and programs; their gem and mineral gallery even bears his name! In Kentucky and New Mexico respectively he owns 1,000-acre thoroughbred horse farms and ranches respectively.

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