Henry Vance

Henry Vance

Henry Vance was an American author and political figure best known for writing Hillbilly Elegy – his memoir about rural American roots – as well as serving in Kentucky and Montana government positions.

Henry joined The Jake Landers Band in 1999 and participated in three recorded projects with them. He is survived by his wife and children.

Early Life and Education

Vance was raised by his lawyer father who represented clients before the Supreme Court and taught his children to think critically about issues. His mother was an Irish, Scottish, and English housewife whose ancestry included Irish, Scottish and English heritage.

Young Vance served in the U.S. Navy before going on to earn his degree in political science and philosophy from Ohio State University.

Vance provided Bonnie Kelly with the gun she used in a revenge killing of a Florida prosecutor. Prior act evidence sought to establish motive for Vance supplying it, an individual of prominence who would otherwise likely not do this; unfortunately, however, the district court exceeded its discretion by admitting such evidence.

Professional Career

Henry Vance was both a businessman and politician, founding a chain of department stores to assist communities in development. Additionally, Vance played an active role in politics – serving on both Kentucky Senate committees as an elected member.

Lily Sarah Miller (nee Vance) and three additional siblings predeceased him on month day 1990 at death place.

Mr. Vance married Alice C Lang and they had two children: Grady O Vance and Virgie E Vance. He lived in Texas during 1940 before passing away on month day 1949 at his deathplace – this occurred one month prior to being interred at burial place. Born in 1864 and affiliated with Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; as well as being Republican.

Achievement and Honors

Vance was part of Akron North High School basketball team that won state title in 1935, serving as defensive specialist. His hardcourt skills earned All-Ohio honors while captainship was bestowed upon him his senior year.

His career included acting as special envoy for the United Nations and helping negotiate a peace plan for Bosnia. A yellow dog Democrat and civic leader, he served in Vietnam with distinction before serving on the Board of Trustees at Penn.

The Henry Clifford Vance Scholarship is presented each year to an Alpha Chapter-Minnesota (Macalester College) Nu Rho Psi member who has demonstrated exceptional scholastic achievements and character, in honor of Henry R. West (deceased).

Personal Life

Beth Henry-Vance works for the West Virginia Youth Environmental Program and enjoys giving presentations about recycling, litter prevention, water conservation and upcycling. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family – which includes sheep, dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits!

Henry Colwell Vance was born on month day at birthplace. He was the son of Alexander Franklin Vance and Mary Rebecca Vance (nee Ward). He had 13 siblings including William Ward Vance and Joseph Colville Vance.

Viola Florence Vance (nee Baughman) became his wife. Grady O Vance and Virgie E Vance were their children. Grady O Vance passed away at 78 years old on month day in Utah; his body was interred at Riverview Cemetery Tremonton Utah United States by his family including wife Viola Florence Vance; sons Grady O Vance & Vaughman as well as grandchildren Virgie E Vance.

Net Worth

He was always willing to lend a helping hand when someone needed assistance, including being a devoted husband to Sally Vance and father to Ella Rex and Daisy; also providing loving grandfatherly guidance for his twin great granddaughters.

Hillbilly Elegy made him a national figure and launched his campaign.

Andrew Thornton and Henry Walker quickly formed an uneasy partnership in the special narcotics unit. Walker was an engaging character with family ties whom Thornton used his influence to woo into joining them; together they conducted drug buys and undercover operations until eventually, their five-year statute of limitations ran out and they were exposed.

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