Henry Xtra

Henry Xtra

Henry Xtra offers all of the same features as its standard model, plus Airobrush and hard floor brushes. Its 9L dust bag can be left filled without frequent emptying, while changing filters is simple.

Numatic has added a 1200W Twinflo professional motor with AutoSave energy saving feature to this model, as well as replacing its rocker switch bank with one equipped with foot push switches instead of its old rocker configuration.

Early Life and Education

Henry was the last descendent of two powerful families that had vied for control of England’s medieval royal house for centuries, fighting over its succession. A boy full of energy, Henry enjoyed hunting, jousting, swordplay and horseback riding – hobbies shared with his older brother Arthur (who passed away early). Henry found immense satisfaction mentoring young people with potential, possessing an uncanny understanding of their abilities.

Henry Crown was an unwavering proponent of hard work and ethics, believing business leaders had civic duties to their communities. Together with Gladys Crown he quietly donated millions to hospitals, churches, synagogues, arts programs and over 300 colleges – his legacy continues today through The Henry and Gladys Crown Charitable Trust Fund.

Professional Career

Henry was taught grammar, poetry, rhetoric and ethics – including history – by Katherine who then helped ensure their children received the best Erasmian education available.

Henry made his return after missing one game due to a foot injury, recording two points, one rebound and a block across 13 minutes in Saturday’s 113-120 G League win against Stockton Kings. Since joining the Blue in early December he has averaged 14.0 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game over 28 contests this year.

Henry now features an easy and neat cable tidies system to help keep him looking sharp when not in use. Plus, it boasts the EcoTwin long life motor and autoSave settings from previous models!

Achievement and Honors

Since his introduction four decades ago, Henry has become an accidental icon of British design and manufacturing. From princes (The Duchess of Cornwall received one as her wedding present), plumbers, and under-stairs stalwarts to ordinary households across Britain; Henry has even made cameo appearances at Downing Street or been pulled along by abseilers cleaning Westminster Abbey!

Sturdiness of its design and low-tech features are key parts of its appeal, as are some complaints that he topples over or is difficult to maneuver into tight spaces. Other owners swear by him due to his power and simplicity – something this product will become part of family heirlooms for generations.

Personal Life

Henry enjoys gardening and wine in his free time, spending quality time with family – particularly his dogs – as well as keeping himself clean by vacuuming out pet hair and muddy paw prints from surfaces such as carpet. Henry was designed by Numatic International in Chard, Somerset England for easy repair and long term performance; making him popular choice in households with pets.

Lindsey serves as Content Director for Ecommerce for several of our brands including Real Homes. Lindsey has nearly 10 years of experience as a homes journalist and delights in writing product-focused pieces.

Net worth

As of 2023, Henry Thomas boasts a net worth of 1.5 Million. Known for both acting and music work, Henry Thomas has garnered recognition through awards in both fields as a result. His film credits include E.T. as well as television shows such as The Haunting of Hill House.

Lindsey is a homes journalist who has put Henry through its paces over the years as part of her job, taking him out into her backyard to deal with debris from construction sites, long hair stuck in carpet fibers and various baking-related spillages. She has witnessed him being used by princes and plumbers, in millions of ordinary households as well as under stairs stalwarts everywhere.

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