Henry Zhou

Henry Zhou – Sports Physical Therapist

Henry graduated with his Masters of Physical Therapy from Western University. He has extensive experience working with high-level athletes from OPFL football and AAA Hockey leagues.

He specializes in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. His approach involves educating his clients to gain a greater understanding of their injuries, and then working together on creating a plan of care.

Early Life and Education

Zhou began his career by engaging in student publications and activism through the Awareness Society. Unfortunately, in January 1920 the police raided its printing plant and arrested Zhou along with 28 others; upon being released he traveled to France on a work-study program where soon thereafter he began organizing CCP activities there.

Zhou soon came to understand that China’s Kuomintang coalition consisted of treacherous warlords, while the Communist Alliance needed its own army. Furthermore, many young Chinese citizens had become disillusioned with politics and were leaving schools prematurely.

His arguments persuaded them that education was the only way for China to escape war with Japan and stop its slide towards anarchy. He then focused his studies in science at Princeton University, earning himself a Ph.D degree.

Professional Career

Dr. Haase is a dedicated scientist who enjoys conducting medical science research. He collaborates closely with students (undergraduates, graduates, and research fellows) at university level as well as national-level scientists.

Faith and Jessie have been best friends since third grade and have shared sleepovers, Harry Potter midnight premieres, graduations and weddings together. Both attended James Madison University before moving to Northern Virginia where they enjoy trying different cuisine and playing competitive board games in their free time.

During the Cultural Revolution, Zhou counseled colleagues and tried to protect them as much as possible from the madness of mass-purging that led to millions being arrested or executed by his government. Although his humility displease Mao as master, but Zhou’s kindness helped soften him as father. Zhou was truly inspiring for his strength and resilience during such trying times.

Achievement and Honors

Henry has received numerous honors throughout his professional career. As an internationally acclaimed social activist and being warmly received by world leaders such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, former Chinese President Jiang Zemin and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Henry is also well known North America real estate developer/financier/investor.

The Chair’s Award for Achievement recognizes undergraduate juniors and seniors displaying dedication and extraordinary performance in Computer Science classes, selected through instructor feedback and outstanding success in course work. Thanks to Deborah Jackson alumna’s generous donation this award can now be presented each year, sponsored by both department chair and emeritus faculty, with its winner receiving a monetary prize as prize.

Personal Life

Henry enjoys providing clients with education to better understand their injury and devising a personalized plan to optimize biomechanics, facilitate return to function and minimize re-injury risk. To accomplish this goal, Henry utilizes manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. Furthermore, Henry strongly advocates for continuing education, having completed courses such as Sport Emergency First Responder Training, Soft Tissue Release Technique and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.

Henry Group was established by him in 1992 and has become one of the largest Chinese immigration & overseas education services and North American real estate development investment companies. Through this work, Henry has met numerous world leaders – such as former Presidents from both countries.

As an active member of his church and community, he enjoys both personal finance and woodworking in his free time. Based out of Northern Virginia with his wife and baby boy.

Net Worth

HENRYs are what are known as “working rich”, meaning that most of their six-figure income goes towards paying for costs rather than building wealth through investments. Ample debt drains their earnings, decreasing what can be saved or invested; to reduce credit card debt they should either make more than the minimum monthly payments or limit how they use their cards.

Alvin Zhou is an American chef and engineer who serves as senior producer on BuzzFeed’s Tasty show. A well-recognized chef, Alvin is estimated to have amassed a net worth estimated between $1-5 Million.

Born in Fremont, California and currently based out of New York City. His YouTube channel and recipes have been featured by multiple publications as well as television programs like Real Man and I Live Alone.

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