Heracross Best Moveset

Heracross Best Moveset

Mega Heracross has a single viable moveset, focusing on close combat. The base attack of this move is Close Combat, and with Skill Link, it becomes a 125-Base Power Rock type attack. This move is a strong choice for Mega Heracross as it can easily break through Focus Sashes and Sturdy, and it has a high base power that makes it a very good choice in a ranged fight. It also boasts 100% accuracy, making it an excellent choice for Mega Heracross.

The basic moveset for Heracross includes Mega Horn, a fast move counter, and close combat. The mega horn is particularly strong because it reduces your opponent’s defense. Combined with close combat, you can hit a foe in a single turn for massive damage. Mega Horn is also an excellent choice for a close combat attack as it does not cost as much energy.

This moveset also benefits from Choice Scarf, which is an extremely powerful late game cleaner. The Choice Scarf also has the same movepool as the Choice Band. Close Combat and Megahorn remain Heracross’ best STAB attacks, while Knock Off is her best neutral coverage move. While Knock Off is a great neutral move, it can be annoying to switch into.

While the base moves of Heracross are very strong, there are still some weaknesses in this moveset. Heracross has a weaker Defense stat, and this weakness makes her weak against Flying and Ghost types. However, it has an excellent mega evolution that can help you in PVP.

If you have a strong team, you may want to consider Heracross for Ultra League. It is a great choice due to its low CP and can be a threat to the top Steel pokemon. If played properly, it can punch holes in your opponent’s team. It can also be a powerful closer.

Choosing Heracross’s best moveset depends on the type of fight you’re facing. Rock Blast has a low energy cost and is useful for Rock-type coverage, especially against Flying types. Close Combat, on the other hand, is better for Fighting-types, but it comes with a -2 Defense debuff. Finally, Megahorn is an excellent choice for Heracross as it hits hard and doesn’t require much energy.

Once you have the right moveset, Heracross is an awesome choice in Pokemon Go. It is not only a good choice for Ultra League and Master League battles, but it also adds a new challenge to the Elite Collector medal. This Pokemon can be a good starter, but you need to make sure it’s as strong as possible.

Mega Heracross is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. It can outspeed most offensive Pokemon and 1HKO a wide variety of Pokemon. Heracross is especially effective against Mega Altaria, and Mega Charizard can’t switch into it.

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