Hoda And Jenna Polar Plunge

Hoda and Jenna Take a Polar Plunge

When it comes to Halloween, Hoda and Jenna aren’t the only ones having a ball. Today Show fans have been a riotous bunch since the duo arrived in the Big Apple a few months ago, and that wasn’t the only thing that got the blood pumping. Apparently, a couple of Today Show colleagues took their own stab at the Halloween festivities by dressing up as their cohosts, and that was no small feat. They wore costumes that were inspired by the ’80s, and even included some ’80s style gimmicks of their own.

The most entertaining of all was a segment where Hoda and Jenna took a polar plunge. It wasn’t exactly a real plunge, but rather a series of fun facts and tidbits about diving into the sea. In this case, they had the assistance of “bears” who were well-versed in all things related to dives. According to the hosts, the “bears” recommended a few tricks of the trade, including not wearing footwear and not letting the water get the best of you. While this wasn’t the first time the Today Show has featured a polar plunge, it was the first time the pair had actually been in the water.

Of course, it wasn’t just the cohosts who got the thrill of the icy water; fans were also entertained by a segment that involved the use of the Today Show’s own Emmy. As the ’80s inspired outfits trundled out onto the sidewalk, a staff member donned a ’80s inspired all-yellow jumpsuit, adorned with sparkly inter-tubes, and held an Emmy as a prop. And while the jumpsuit screamed novelty, the ‘bears’ had one big problem: they forgot their cue cards. This led to several embarrassing moments, not the least of which was when one of the “bears” accidentally said “ma’am” in front of the rest of the audience.

A few of the other Halloween-themed segments that wowed viewers were a pedicab ride through New Orleans and a ’80s-inspired ‘nanny’ segment, which featured a hostess and her dog. During the ‘nanny’ segment, the hosts made a bit of a faux pas when they forgot their cue card. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon took the reins for a bit to calm the situation.

Luckily, the ’80s inspired segment didn’t end there. The next day, the cohosts were treated to a Halloween-themed ’80s inspired game show, in which the “best of” contestants donned costume attire and played a ’80s-inspired scavenger hunt. One of the “best of” contestants was Hoda Kotb, who showed off her impressive hair. That, and a few other ’80s-inspired gimmicks, were all included in a very short ‘nanny’ show.

It’s no surprise that the ’80s-inspired ‘nanny’ and ‘polar plunge’ contests are among the most popular segments on the show. It’s easy to see why, as ’80s-themed ensembles are just so dang fun! Just make sure you do your homework.

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