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Henry Miller Saves Honey Bees by Starting a Honey Stand

Henry Miller got a beehive for his 12th birthday and soon had more honey than he knew what to do with. So he started selling it and donating proceeds from sales back to an organization dedicated to saving bees.

His raw honeys feature fun names such as Grumpy Grandpa and Naughty Nana. After appearing on Shark Tank, his business quickly flourished.

Early Life and Education

Henry took it upon himself at age 11 to save honey bees. He started Henry’s Humdinger’s Honey Shoppe to sell flavored honey with proceeds going toward helping fight colony collapse disorder.

Henry delivered an engaging and charming presentation on Shark Tank, disguising himself as a beekeeper while wearing only a business suit and offering samples of his spiced honey to Lori Greiner for investment consideration. Lori appreciated Henry’s commitment to bee preservation but felt there wasn’t sufficient market demand for his product so declined investing.

Mark Cuban was impressed by Henry’s marketing strategy and offered him $300k for 75% of his company. Since then, he has kept in contact with Henry to keep an eye on his progress; their family business continues to expand while making a positive difference for honey bees.

Professional Career

Henry Miller requested a bee hive as his 12th birthday gift and began selling honey as soon as it came in, however quickly discovered he had too much honey without enough storage or knowledge to manage the situation.

He devised a plan to turn traditional sweet honey into flavorful and spicy products, and his business quickly flourished throughout the country in only four years.

He gave an impressive pitch, outlining in great detail his product and why it is different from others on the market. His charming yet confident delivery won over all four Sharks. He asked for $150,000 and in exchange, offered up 25% stake of his company; however, declined their deal in order to keep things within his family.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Humdinger’s honey business is flourishing following his appearance on Shark Tank. Together with his parents – who handle day-to-day operations such as label design and demonstrations respectively – and are in negotiations with local stores about expanding distribution channels.

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Personal Life

Henry Miller received his own bee hive for his 12th birthday and quickly discovered his family had more honey than they could consume. To take advantage of this surplus honey supply and donate its proceeds to the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Henry opened up a roadside honey stand.

Four years later, his business had expanded to 300 stores in 30 states. In season 5 of Shark Tank, he pitched his delicious honey to Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban for investment.

Although they didn’t seal a deal during their live interview, Henry’s business has since experienced an astounding 300% sales increase and can now be found in national grocery chains. All members of his family contribute; Henry’s mom writes the labels while his dad designs them while Henry himself gives demonstrations at food expos.

Net Worth

Two years ago, Henry met a beekeeper on an airplane and learned about colony collapse disorder – a condition which puts honeybees at risk. Inspired by their conversation, Henry decided to make his business socially responsible, with part of its profits going to support the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees.

Henry was looking to raise capital to expand his company, so he appeared on Shark Tank asking for $150,000 in exchange for 25% ownership of it.

Lori Greiner was impressed by Henry’s dedication to bee preservation, but did not think there was enough demand for spicy honey; therefore she declined the deal. Mark Cuban saw that Henry was selling at food trade shows and had even made arrangements with Wegmans; so he offered an investment.

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