how much is marilyn hickey worth

Marilyn Hickey – How Much Is Marilyn Hickey Worth?

Marilyn Hickey Ministries is a non-profit organization focused on international preaching and teaching, humanitarian outreach initiatives and daily motivational television broadcasts. Led by Marilyn Hickey who was married to Wallace until his passing away in 2012, this ministry provides international preaching, teaching and daily motivational television broadcasts around the globe.

Hickey specializes in faith healing and prosperity. She has led international crusades and met privately with government officials from more than 140 nations around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Marilyn Hickey was born July 1st 1931 in Dalhart Texas. She is an American minister and televangelist who leads Marilyn & Sarah Ministries which provides Bible study throughout the world. Additionally, she hosts Today with Marilyn & Sarah which airs daily on various Christian networks; additionally, she organized three-day prayer and faith healing rallies in Pakistan as well as served on Oral Roberts University Regent Boards as a board member.

Hickey’s teachings focus on faith, healing and prosperity and have reached over 138 countries including Pakistan, Egypt, India, Sudan and China. She has traveled on missions with Sarah Bowling of her daughter’s Sarah Bowling Ministries and assisted orphans through Saving Moses humanitarian initiative.

Professional Career

Marilyn Hickey has been an exceptional leader for women in ministry. As a Christian minister and televangelist who teaches Bible classes both locally and globally. Additionally, Marilyn was among one of the first female evangelists to host her own television program.

She started her own ministry in 1974 and has since been actively engaged in humanitarian efforts around the world. Through these efforts she has changed many lives for good.

In 2012, Marilyn Hickey Ministries hosted a three-day prayer and faith healing rally that attracted over four hundred thousand attendees in Karachi, Pakistan. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Regents at Oral Roberts University as well as being on their average salary estimate of $43,142 (based on public records as well as employee surveys).

Achievement and Honors

Marilyn Hickey is an esteemed American Christian minister and televangelist who leads Bible studies nationally and internationally, amassing an enormous fortune. At 91 years old she remains committed to spreading her message of faith, healing and prosperity worldwide.

She is widely known for the crusades she leads both locally and internationally, such as prayers and faith healing rallies for those suffering from back pain, deafness, cancer or any other diseases.

Sarah Bowling has been her co-host since 1996 and serves on the Oral Roberts University Board of Regents as well as being awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity by that institution. Additionally, Sarah earned a Bachelor’s Degree at University of Northern Colorado.

Personal Life

Marilyn Hickey is a well-recognized American evangelist, minister, and author who offers Bible studies both locally and internationally. As one of the pioneering women in ministry as well as being recognized for humanitarian efforts around the world makes Marilyn a respected member of Christian communities worldwide.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries, a non-profit organization she co-founded and leads, provides international preaching and teaching as well as daily motivational television broadcasts for its global audience. Additionally, they host a weekly faith-based radio program as well as annual conferences.

Hickey has traveled to 138 countries since 1978, including Pakistan and Ethiopia where she conducted large public gatherings focused on faith healing. Additionally, she met with government officials and received the award of honor from Cambodia’s First Lady for her humanitarian efforts in that nation.

Net Worth

Marilyn Hickey Ministries enjoys an impressive following of millions worldwide. Her teachings about faith and healing resonate with people from diverse cultures. In 2012, she organized a three-day prayer and faith healing rally in Karachi, Pakistan which attracted over four hundred thousand attendees.

She is a leader among women in ministry, breaking barriers and inspiring many people. Additionally, she engages in humanitarian work through her foundation – aiding those who are vulnerable.

Sarah Bowling is a wife, mother, Bible teacher, and evangelist. Together with Marilyn she co-hosts the TV program Today with Marilyn and Sarah that airs worldwide; together they also conduct international crusades from Dalhart, Texas where they currently reside.

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