How Old Is Airsoft Fatty

Airsoft Fatty is 22 years old and was born 3 April 1997. He is an American YouTube Star.

Airsoft Fatty has become famous through viral videos featuring him drinking Fortnite shield in real life and questioning why they need to fix something, while sharing very sad news: his status had changed from alive to deceased.

He reportedly suffers from autism but has yet to discuss it publicly. Additionally, he loves watching movies with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts among his favorite actors.

Early Life and Education

Airsoft Fatty is an internet phenomenon who has made waves in the airsoft world since beginning his YouTube uploads. He’s amassed an army of subscribers since starting up, offering everything from live gameplay videos and gear reviews to tutorials on maintaining equipment properly.

Airsoft Fatty was raised in Battle Creek, Michigan with his mother until she passed away in 2019. Airsoft Fatty has kept his personal life under wraps and never revealed details regarding any relationships or past partners he may have had.

He possesses an Enneagram Seven personality with a Six wing. This means he tends to be naturally inquisitive, adventurous and enthusiastic; and also places great value in making intellectual connections with others and seeking understanding before taking action.

Professional Career

Chris LaFon, known by his professional name Airsoftfatty, is an online influencer and social media star known for his eponymous YouTube channel that features him playing video games and vlogging. Some of his most viewed videos include “Drinking a Fortnite shield in real life” and “Why am I trying to repair this?”.

Airsoftfatty stands 5ft 6in and weighs 205lbs. He hails from Battle Creek and was raised by his mom before she passed away; Airsoftfatty has referenced this event in several of his films.

His content often takes the form of humorous glimpses into his daily lifestyle, which he shares through usedturtel420 channel and Instagram account. Additionally, he’s currently dating Maria Delso.

Achievement and Honors

Airsoft Fatty is an incomparably talented YouTuber when it comes to airsoft guns and gear, offering his viewers both educational and entertaining content such as airsoft gun reviews, unboxing videos, and live gameplay sessions. His channel offers this type of content regularly for viewers of all skill levels to enjoy!

His most watched video, “Drinking Fortnight shield in real life”, has been watched over eight million times on YouTube. Additionally, he is well known for creating Star Wars battle videos alongside fellow YouTuber iDubbbz.

Chris LaFon, born April 3rd 1997, reported being bullied throughout elementary and secondary education due to his weight. Finding solace on the internet however, Chris chose not to pursue college degrees so as to concentrate on developing his online business instead.

Personal Life

Airsoft Fatty is an influential YouTuber with over 175,000 subscribers on his main channel Aristofatty and 7.45k on his secondary one UsedTurtle420.

His vlogs about his daily routine and entertaining conversations with fans quickly went viral, while in addition to regular videos he also posts gaming and Star Wars battle videos.

As of June 2021, it appears that airsoftfatty is single and childless; no significant relationships have ever been confirmed publicly between him and any individual.

As a student he experienced bullying for his weight. To find comfort he turned to the Internet and built up an audience. Additionally, as a Christian his spiritual beliefs are visible throughout his works.

Net Worth

At 26 years old, Airsoft Fatty has been overweight his whole life, being bullied throughout elementary and secondary school. Finding solace on the web gradually built up his fan base until eventually deciding not to pursue college in favour of web-based work.

Chris LaFon is an American vlogger and social media star best known for posting videos showcasing his daily activities and playing video games. He’s best-known for drinking from a giant blue jug that looks similar to Fortnite shield, acting as freeloader on Fishtank, and uploading Star Wars battle videos – his real name being Chris LaFon. Chris LaFon was born April 3, 1997 in Battle Creek Michigan.

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