How Old Is Mateo Messi

Mateo Messi, born to Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo of Argentina’s premier football club FC Barcelona and their wife Antonella Roccuzzo is his middle son and is highly interested in soccer, often accompanying his father on his game days.

He recently earned worldwide attention after dodging past defenders and scoring a goal for his team – earning global attention at only seven years old!

Early Life and Education

Mateo Messi, though still relatively young, has already amassed much admiration from fans despite his youth. Being the middle child of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo has brought many fans closer. Many look up to him and his beloved family memberhood has earned the admiration of many.

An 8-year-old boy playing for Inter Miami’s youth team has amazed audiences with his footballing talents and impressive bicycle kick that would rival even professional players’ abilities.

Mateo has taken after his father in his passion for basketball, showing exceptional ball control. Additionally, his beautiful dark brown eyes draw many to admire him and watch as his journey unfolds before our very eyes! We cannot wait to witness his future development! Stay tuned as the world continues its observation!

Professional Career

Mateo Messi has made quite the name for himself at Inter Miami academy, going viral for his impressive goal-scoring moments and showing that he inherited some of his father, Lionel Messi’s legendary ball control abilities.

Lionel Messi often shares videos of his son Mateo playing soccer and having fun in life. One such post went viral, showing Mateo dancing along to one song with Antonella Roccuzzo as their mother watched them together.

They shared a heartwarming moment when they celebrated with their dad after he scored a goal during a match, showing just how much their father values family; he is dedicated to his sons and always stands behind them, providing guidance, advice, support, encouragement, and encouraging their dreams.

Achievement and Honors

Mateo Messi, born to Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, is their youngest child and shares close bonds with both Thiago and Ciro – often seen together on social media sharing joyous moments together.

Mateo follows in the footsteps of his father as an exceptional soccer player, making numerous headlines with his impressive goals for Inter Miami Academy and also showing an interest in music with videos showing him dancing to tango songs going viral.

Mateo’s mother regularly posts images of him clasping onto her finger via Instagram, showing how tightly they bond. Although still young, Mateo is already well-known around the world and enjoys all of the attention he gets as an internet celebrity.

Personal Life

Mateo Messi is an adorable child who delights millions of fans worldwide with his joy and affection. He enjoys close ties with both of his older brothers Thiago and Ciro and exudes an easygoing personality through his charming smile and dark eyes.

He’s an exceptional soccer player with his father’s genes firmly instilled. His parents take great pride in seeing his successes unfold over time.

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo welcomed their second son, Mateo, on September 11, 2015. They have been married since 2007; Thiago Messi plays professional football for Newell’s Old Boys youth team in Rosario, Argentina.

Net Worth

Mateo Messi appears to be an exceptionally grounded and humble child despite having everything available to him as a child. He often teases his father or brings joy and smiles to fans with adorable gestures he performs.

Messi is well-known for his dancing abilities. A video released in 2020 showed the young footballer dancing and singing at top volume with his mother Antonella Roccuzzo; many viewers found this moment adorable. Many even commented about it on social media!

Mateo Messi is the second son of Lionel and Antonella Roccuzzo and brother to Thiago and Ciro Messi. With Italian, Catalan, Spanish roots from his father’s side as well as Argentine descent on his mother’s, Mateo has often been labeled “the mischievous one”. When compared with his brothers he can sometimes act more recklessly than them!

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