How Old Is Nicole Crank

How Old Is Nicole Crank?

Nicole Crank is an American author, speaker, and mega preacher. She is also the head of The Nicole Crank Show, a television show which airs on multiple platforms. Her book, I Will Thrive, is among her many best-selling titles. In addition, she is the founder of FaithChurch of God, a church that is the newest entrant to the St. Louis metro area. This church is one of the biggest in the nation and is recognized as one of the top ten churches in America according to Newsmax magazine.

As for her accomplishments, she has been married twice and has two children. Additionally, she has a grandbaby. Despite her humble beginnings, she was able to make a name for herself in the corporate world before finally deciding to take her calling as a pastor.

Not only is she an accomplished Christian, she is a savvy entrepreneur and has built a multi-million dollar company called FaithChurch of God. This non-denominational church has four campuses in Missouri and one in Illinois. For a while, it was the fastest growing church in the nation. Its latest addition is in Ferguson-Florissant, Missouri, just north of Saint Louis. With the exception of the obvious, this is a church to watch.

The best part is that she was able to share her success with her family. She was married to an abusive man, but he left her with a baby and a bankrupt wallet. Fortunately, she was given a good handshake and a powerful message.

The best part about her story is that she was able to overcome her difficulties, learn the lessons of life, and live the happy, healthy, and fulfilled life she has always dreamed of. A lot of what she learned in her 20s came from a series of seminars hosted by an inspirational pastor. Since then, she has been able to use her experiences to help others in similar situations.

While a lot of her successes are rooted in philanthropy, she is not without her flaws. Her first marriage didn’t go as planned. In fact, she was the victim of a sexual molestation while she was a teenager. After three weeks of marriage, her ex-husband became addicted to crack cocaine and began abusing her. Eventually, she was divorced and left to raise her son on her own.

Besides being a great wife and mother, she has also been known to have an impressive social circle. Among her peers are some of the most respected and powerful names in the Christian community. She is a member of the Life Network for Women and the Daystar network.

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