How Tall Is Eddie Lucas Below Deck

How Tall is Eddie Lucas?

During the 1970’s, Eddie Lucas was a successful bosun in the United States Navy. After his career as a bosun, he went on to become a famous diving expert. He is now an expert on underwater diving techniques and is often called upon by news reporters. What is Eddie Lucas’ height?

Eddie Lucas’ height

Having worked as a bosun on a luxury yacht, a boater posing as an engineer, and an aspiring film maker, Eddie Lucas has spent some time below the waves. And he has been well rewarded with a hefty salary and an ample number of perks. In short, he’s been a cut above the rest. But, how does he do it?

Luckily for him, he has an eye for a bargain and a few close friends. Not to mention a slew of high-end clients. The lucky few can’t wait to see where Eddie takes his talents to next. After all, he was the king of the deck when he was younger. And, as an alumnus of Green Mountain College, he is a self-proclaimed “old school” type who still knows how to play a good game of pool.

Dating life

Probably one of the most talked about cast members on the Bravo series Below Deck, Eddie Lucas has a lot to offer fans. Eddie was initially on the show as a deckhand but was promoted to First Mate in March 2017. He started working at Moran Towing Company, a marine transportation company in Maryland. After a brief stint with Below Deck, Eddie returned to the company, and then bought his first home in Baltimore. He continues to enjoy the outdoors, and is known for his appearance on the reality television show.

In 2011, Eddie graduated from Green Mountain College with a Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education. He also has a background in paddling and scuba diving. He is also a certified First Mate.

Career as a Bosun

During the first three seasons of Below Deck, Eddie Lucas was the bosun. After a five-year break, he returned in the eighth season, where he was promoted to the first office. He will make his return for season nine.

Lucas has been a part of the Below Deck franchise since its debut in 2013. He made his debut as a deckhand, but he has since gone through a variety of roles, including bosun. He’s even worked as a tugboat operator in Baltimore. He’s earned a degree in adventure education from Green Mountain College. He’s also worked as a ski instructor in Europe.

He’s also been seen on the Bravo show Below Deck Mediterranean. He will also be working with Captain Lee Rosbach in season 9.

According to Bravo, Lucas will have a role to play in season nine. He’s been promoted to the first office, but he’ll be tested when he has to deal with the captain missing a portion of a charter. He’ll also have to work with a new Bosun, Ross McHarg.

Diving expert Malia White

Whether you’re a fan or not, you’re sure to recognize Below Deck’s lead deckhand Eddie Lucas. He’s a fun-loving guy who is always looking for a good time. After five years away, Eddie has returned to the show. But he wasn’t without a few bumps in the road. In fact, Eddie was nearly killed during a tugboat accident.

Eddie has been a member of the crew for the first three seasons. In fact, his character was a surrogate son-at-sea to Captain Lee Rosbach. He’s been a good guy, though, and his captain always had a soft spot for him.

He’s worked on big luxury yachts in the Caribbean and in the Caribbean and on a 5,000 horsepower tractor tug in Baltimore. He’s also worked on a day cruise ship on the Delaware River, and he’s done some other sailing jobs.

His motto “never say never”

Whether you’re in the aforementioned cruising grounds or cruising a different galaxy, you’ll be pleased to know that Below Deck is back for another season. As such, you’ll be able to take a peek at your favorite characters in the flesh, as well as a whole lot of other characters. You’ll also get a hefty dose of the aforementioned escapology aficionados as well as the cast of honor. In addition, there’s a whole lot of new stuff to ooh and aah over. This includes Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain’s snazzy new look. And while you’re at it, take a look at the rest of the crew as well.

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