How To Be Secure In Desert Safari Dubai

To ensure safety during your Dubai desert safari, there are certain rules that you must follow. These include rules for camel rides, henna tattoos painting, sandboarding, and dune buggies. Also, make sure you wear the right clothes for the conditions.

Safety Rules For Dune Buggys

Before you go on your dune buggy ride you need to be familiar with the basics of safety in desert safari. You must wear protective gear, such as helmets and goggles. You should also stay hydrated. If the sand gets into your eyes, you will have a difficult time seeing. To avoid injury, make sure you follow the instructor’s directions.

Although the dune buggy ride can provide a thrilling and fun experience, it is important to be safe. You should keep your hands on the controls while riding the dune buggie. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and wear a helmet. It is also important to avoid the scorching sun. Keep your distance from other buggies and keep an eye out for weather updates.

Safety Rules For Camel Rides

Although camels are gentle and friendly, there are some safety rules that must be followed when enjoying a camel ride in the desert. Camels cannot see well in darkness so tour operators must light the runway to allow them to see clearly. Safety gear must also be worn by the camels and their guide.

It is essential to wear comfortable clothing and bring sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition, it is best to wear sunglasses and hats. The heat is extremely intense in Dubai, so it is important to wear breathable clothing. Moreover, it is important to wear shoes that won’t fill up with sand. Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen are also recommended for protection from the sun.

Safety Rules For Henna Tattoos

The tradition of henna tattooing dates back to the Middle East. It is a popular practice in the Arab world and an integral part of Arab culture. Women often get henna tattoos to express their happiness and celebrate special occasions. Many desert safaris offer henna tattoo painting, which is considered a natural and painless procedure. These tattoos last for two weeks or more.

Henna tattoos are a traditional part of many cultures around the world, including the Middle East and India. Henna paste, which is not harmful to the skin and can be easily removed, is an acceptable alternative to tattoos that are prohibited in Islamic countries. This involves the application of a thick paste made out of dried henna leaves. It is a non-toxic and natural alternative to tattoos. Henna tattoos last for about a week but there are safety rules that can be followed to avoid any complications.

Safety Rules For Sandboarding

While sandboarding in the desert safari Dubai, there are certain rules that beginners should follow to avoid any injuries. First and foremost, always remember to follow the safety rules set by your tour operator. If you’re a beginner, make sure that your tour operator provides proper training and safety equipment.

Secondly, be physically fit. If you’re not in good shape, it will be difficult to balance while sandboarding. It is recommended that you hold onto the board with both your hands. This will keep you steady and balance.

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