Hywel Thomas

Hywel Thomas

Hywel takes great care in explaining complex legal concepts to his clients so that they fully comprehend them before making a decision on how best to pursue their claims. He understands that making claims may be an emotional experience for many of them.

He is the founder Director of Cardiff University’s Geoenvironmental Research Centre and holds a UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Geoenvironment Development.

Early Life and Education

Hywel Thomas hails from Wales and was educated at Torquay Boys’ Grammar School before working as a designer at Cosworth engineering in the 1990s, graduating with a degree from Bath University and going on to manage Mercedes’ high-performance powertrain program as manager.

Thomas has dedicated much of his research to understanding unsaturated soils – which combine solids, water and air – when exposed to processes like excavation or compaction. His contributions have greatly advanced our knowledge on how liquids and gases move through such soils – for instance pollutants seeping from landfill sites or carbon dioxide being’stored’ within coal seams.

Jana was his wife, while Tomos and Timothy were his children. He was an ardent Christian who deeply valued his family.

Professional Career

Hywel Thomas is a professor at Cardiff University in the UK and founder Director of its Geoenvironmental Research Centre (GRC). In addition, he holds a UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Geoenvironment Development.

He has extensive experience representing victims who have been injured or made ill as the result of chemical, gas and nuclear accidents, ensuring they receive optimal outcomes in their claims.

Hywel began his career at Torquay Boy’s Grammar School before beginning work as a simulation engineer at Perkins Engines before transitioning to Cosworth Engineering in 2004. From there, Hywel joined Mercedes-Ilmor, later rebranded Mercedes AMG High-Performance Powertrains; where he currently acts as its Managing Director overseeing their targets and strategies.

Achievement and Honors

Hywel is an established presence on BBC Radio Cymru, appearing regularly on programs such as Helo Bobol and reporting annually from The Eisteddfod. Additionally, he has presented TV current affairs shows like Rhaglen Hywel and Ar Dy Feic.

Since 2002, he had served as Director of Engineering at Cardiff University from 2002 until 2010. Additionally, from 2010 until 2018, he was also appointed Pro-Vice Chancellor.

He is the founder and Director of the Geoenvironmental Research Centre (GRC) at the University, as well as an expert on Sustainable Geoenvironment Development UNESCO Professor. He has provided his expertise for many organizations such as United Nations Industrial Development Organization in cleaning up organic pollutants as well as consulting with nuclear waste geology disposal sites worldwide.

Personal Life

Hywel Thomas is the founding Director of Cardiff University’s Geoenvironmental Research Centre and an UNESCO Professor for the Development of a Sustainable Geoenvironment. His groundbreaking research has greatly advanced our understanding of how liquids and gases move through unsaturated soils undergoing excavation or compaction processes, such as excavation. His expertise can also be applied to cleaning up organic pollutants, disposing waste responsibly and carbon dioxide storage in coal seams.

He graduated from Torquay Boy’s Grammar School, later working at Cosworth engineering after serving as a simulation engineer at Perkins Engines. After joining Mercedes-Ilmor in 2004 to design engineering duties (later changing to Mercedes AMG High-Performance Powertrains), Tomos and Timothy joined his family. Jana is his wife; together they share two children.

Net Worth

Hywel Simons estimated net worth is estimated to be $5 Million. This estimate accounts for his current assets such as stocks, property and savings as well as liabilities such as mortgage loans, car loans and credit card balances. To calculate net worth one simply subtracts assets from liabilities to reach this figure.

Thomas has been instrumental in maintaining Mercedes’ dominance of motorsport since its new hybrid power units were introduced in 2014. Previously employed at Mercedes as both senior engineer and engineering director, he will soon replace Andy Cowell as managing director of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains. Additionally, Thomas enjoys wood carving – using lathes to carve bowls from pieces of driftwood found on beaches.

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