Isadore Koenig

Isadore Koenig was an actor known for appearing on several television series. These included Star Trek as Chekov and Bester in Babylon 5 spin-off series.

He reprised the role in both Star Trek: New Voyages and Tim Russ’ independent feature Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Early Life and Education

Koenig became widely known outside of Star Trek for his roles as Psi Cop in the science fiction show Babylon 5. While working on this show he came into contact with many former Star Trek cast members such as Caitlin Brown, Brian Cousins, Diane DiLascio, Judy Levitt and Christopher Lloyd – as well as newercomers to this role like Diane DiLascio and Christopher Lloyd who joined him from Star Trek!

Gary Lockwood played Sgt. John Delwyn, who was selected by Lt. Tiberius Rice (Gary Lockwood).

Since Leonard Nimoy first openly discussed his Jewish heritage, William Shatner is another Star Trek actor to openly acknowledge it. As a life member of the American Jewish Congress and author of Warped Factors: A Neurotic’s Guide to the Universe he lives with his wife Judy in Los Angeles where their family includes Andrew (aged 22) and Danielle (16).

Professional Career

Koenig has also distinguished himself with his writing skills; he’s responsible for several episodes of Star Trek – including one for its animated series.

Koenig began his acting career on stage before transitioning into television through A Day in Court reenacting real court cases. Later, in 1967 he would make his Star Trek debut.

Koenig played Pavel Chekov for four seasons of the show and, during his early years as an actor, also had roles on Family and The Questor Tapes.

He made his film debut alongside Richard Hatch in Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time in 2017 as a cameo appearance, while also providing voiceover for Milton Green in Diminuendo (2018).

Achievement and Honors

Koenig has appeared in various movies and TV shows outside Star Trek. Additionally, he wrote episodes for it as well as earning him a Saturn Award nomination for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

Koenig is not only an accomplished actor but is also an esteemed director. He has directed various theater productions – including two Twilight Zone stage adaptations – as well as offering acting and directing classes.

Star Trek nominated him for the Saturn Award of Best Supporting Actor in a Film; also appearing on Babylon 5 and its films and reprised his role of Chekov for fan webseries Star Trek: New Voyages/Star Trek Renegades (2015); other works include Drawing Down the Moon, Mad Cowgirl, InAlienable Blue Dream Neil Stryker Tyrant of Time Nobility Diminuendo among others.

Personal Life

Koenig is a frequent guest star at science fiction conventions and leverages his star power to promote various political causes. He has written two books detailing his time on the original series as well as appeared in multiple documentaries and specials related to Star Trek.

In 2003, Roddenberry appeared in the short film Roddenberry on Patrol alongside other TOS cast members like Tim Russ, Richard Herd, Robert Foxworth, Nichelle Nichols and George Takei. Additionally, he voiced caricatures of himself and other Star Trek characters on Futurama in 2002 episode of that show.

After leaving Star Trek, Koenig appeared in several television movies and guest starred on numerous series such as Medical Center (playing Dr. Rudy Solari), The Virginian and Ironside. Additionally he has participated in two science fiction films written and produced by Harlan Ellison: Nightmare Honeymoon and The Starlost.

Net Worth

Isadore Koenig has amassed an immense fortune through his acting and screenwriting careers. Additionally, he serves as teacher and director. Recently he provided voiceover work in several Star Trek video games.

Koenig began his television career in 1963 on American daytime soap opera General Hospital. Soon thereafter he earned a role on Star Trek as Ensign Pavel Chekov for its second season and all subsequent films of its original cast.

He has appeared in other television series such as Futurama and Columbo. Levitt is married to Judy Levitt and has two children together; Andrew Koenig appeared on Growing Pains until his suicide death in 2010. Furthermore, he serves as godfather to comedian Jimmy Pardo’s son.

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