Ishmael Henry

Ishmael Henry

Ishmael Henry is an award-winning writer, actor, singer, and theatre director who specializes in musical theater performances, one-act plays, theater workshops and is also an award-winning poet and jazz pianist.

Melville’s Ishmael takes to the sea instead, while his biblical counterpart wanders a barren desert, yet both characters share a quest for insight amid a wilderness of waters.

Early Life and Education

At 12, Ishmael fled his village in Sierra Leone when rebels attacked it, never seeing his parents again and spending months wandering the country on what food and supplies could be found; even briefly being forced to use guns and drugs as child soldiers.

Ishmael was eventually sent to New York City to represent Sierra Leone youth at the United Nations. There he met a woman who would become his foster mother. While recovering, Ishmael struggled with depression and would rather keep quiet about his experiences as a child soldier, though this changed once nurses allowed him to listen to rap music and talk openly with nurses.

He currently resides in Marshall, Kentucky and has 8 email addresses registered with us. In addition, Brenda Howell is his associate.

Professional Career

He has been an active community participant, engaging in theatre and other forms of artistic expression such as poetry reading and performing with various musicians. Additionally, he participated in workshops about African-American arts and folklore.

He collaborated with musicians on two albums titled Conjure I: Music for Ishmael Reed Texts and Conjure II: Cab Calloway Stands In for the Moon, both released under his own label. Furthermore, he published poetry as well as participated in interviews both radio and television stations.

He currently resides at PO Box 48 in Grayson, Kentucky and holds both a Bachelor and Master’s in Music Performance from Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. In his career he has performed both theater and musical roles; most notably for Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity which he directed, as well as being part of Liberty Theatre in Columbus Georgia.

Achievement and Honors

Ishmael Reed has received many honors and awards for his writing, including a MacArthur Genius Grant, Guggenheim Foundation Award, two National Endowment Fellowships and Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award nominations. His texts and lyrics have been performed, composed or set to music by artists including Albert Ayler, Carman Moore Allen Toussaint David Murray Taj Mahal Olu Dara Alvin Youngblood Hart; while also appearing in theatre and television productions.

Personal Life

Ishmael Reed was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on February 22. His mother Thelma Coleman did not marry his natural father Henry Lenoir but gave him her last name to use instead. They moved to Buffalo New York at four and there he showed early indications of being talented with writing.

He frequently used essays as a means of social commentary, which he considered “ditch-digging writing”. His works can be found in volumes like God Made Alaska for the Indians: Essays, Shrovetide in Old New Orleans and Airing Dirty Laundry.

Ishmael Reed has long been involved in the arts, frequently appearing as a guest lecturer at universities nationwide and belonging to multiple professional associations.

Net worth

Ismael Cordova has earned himself an impressive salary through acting and filmmaking. At 35, this prolific actor has appeared in movies and TV series such as Stray Bullet, Berlin Station Ray Donovan Sesame Street among others. Additionally, Ismael has amassed fame and fortune due to his leading role as Arondir in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power TV series.

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