Jack Cahill

Jack Cahill

Jack brings extensive tax experience in the hedge fund industry with specific expertise on UCITS, SEC-regulated, and private equity funds. Additionally, he boasts an in-depth understanding of back office systems and processes as well as global tax advisory capabilities.

With fellow ORNL scientist Gary Van Berkel, he collaborated on creating a porous “rhizosphere-on-a-chip” technology which could aid cancer treatments. Additionally, he enjoys woodworking.

Early Life and Education

Ann and Jack met while studying elementary education and singing with Doane College choir respectively, where she was majoring in elementary education while he participated in choir performance. They married during her final semester there on the Saturday before graduation – what seemed like fateful timing!

He earned a reputation as a staunch opponent of corruption within state government, helping restructure New Jersey’s banking system and taking on corrupt activities perpetrated by Hudson County bosses and members of organized labor who held excessive power over politics in New Jersey.

He filmed a documentary on modern hoboes for seven years while traveling by freight train with fellow tramp David Eberhardt to record their lives and experiences as modern hoboes – this cinema verite style film, entitled Long Gone, neither romanticized nor sensationalized the lifestyle of contemporary tramps.

Professional Career

Jack Cahill has extensive experience managing facilities and IT for various companies, most recently serving as Director of Facilities for Communispace Corporation in Boston and overseeing its corporate headquarters while providing IT support to remote offices.

He brings a strong background in financial services to his roles of analyst, investor relations officer and fund manager. Additionally, he possesses extensive experience operating within highly regulated environments and fully appreciates their challenges.

Jack has an intense interest in politics and community organizing. As a Rise Pennsylvania Fellow, he has participated in many climate crisis mitigation efforts through civic engagement initiatives. Outside of work he enjoys reading, hiking with family and going to Cape Cod on vacations – reading is his go-to hobby!

Achievement and Honors

Jack is a Rise Pennsylvania Fellow studying political science at the University of Pennsylvania. As founder and leader of his college’s Students for Bernie chapter and various campus initiatives addressing climate change, Jack enjoys reading books and playing Animal Crossing during his free time.

His research investigates the distribution and effects of amino acids within a plant’s rhizosphere on physical traits. He has developed a microfluidic device to enable chemical analysis even in challenging environments; a demonstration was given at this year’s ORNL Technology Innovation Showcase.

Cahill and Van Berkel won a Federal Laboratory Consortium Excellence in Technology Transfer award in 2022, eager to see their lab innovations make an impactful difference in Knoxville entrepreneurs’ lives. Furthermore, they received Doane University’s Builder Award, honoring alumni who embody its ideals.

Personal Life

Cahill is known to be an enthusiastic supporter of women’s rights. He has made contributions to Let Her Speak initiative which seeks to create a welcoming community for female leaders in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Cahill excelled as a cabinet minister by scrutinizing issues for their political rather than administrative implications, becoming widely acknowledged for his deft handling of caucuses. One of his most noteworthy achievements was convincing his government to support construction of Sydney Opera House despite internal opposition.

Today, Jack and Ann live in Gloucester and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Additionally, they volunteer their services at various organizations within the region, serving on boards of organizations whenever necessary and attending sporting and school events of their children and grandchildren whenever they are possible.

Net Worth

John Cahill, an American businessman, has an estimated net worth of over $1.58 Million as of 2023. He holds a large amount of shares in Kraft Heinz Co, which he has traded more than 22 times since 2011, each time making substantial profits on each trade.

Kelley Cahill and Jon Rahm, an award-winning golfer who boasts an estimated net worth of $20 Million respectively, live an exquisite life together thanks to Jon’s successful golf career which contributed greatly to their wealth accumulation.

Keenan has amassed his fortune largely through YouTube, where he earns money through advertisements and endorsements. With an enormous fan base on the platform, including regular appearances on shows such as MTV’s “Chelsea Lately”, Keenan earns money through advertisements while working closely with various brands to promote their products.

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