Jack Cantrell

Jack Cantrell

Jack Cantrell is a highly acclaimed Montana artist specializing in watercolor paintings. A dedicated supporter of wildlife conservation programs and state fairs alike, his works can often be found displayed at them.

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Early Life and Education

In 1958, he was one of 40 national finalists selected from over 19,000 applicants to attend the Westinghouse Science Talent Search held by Vice President Richard Nixon at Yale University. Since then he has received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics from there as well as his doctorate from Kansas State University.

Cantrell took advantage of her homebuilding work to learn more about land development. Working on a 50-lot subdivision enabled her to gain insight into its complex workings, helping her understand its nuances and how best to create communities.

Cantrell not only worked in the field, but she also served on multiple committees of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association – organizing home shows, hospitality events and donations as well as being part of their Women’s Auxiliary.

Professional Career

He was an ardent family man who enjoyed sharing his knowledge of history, linguistics and languages over gourmet dinners with friends. Additionally, he made time for charitable causes in Manteca community.

Cantrell’s research in chemistry focused on molecular structure characterization. His efforts helped identify dioxin as a toxicological contaminant in animal feed.

Jack has gained professional experience across various industries, such as construction, aftermarket automotive and the retail furniture business. These experiences provided him with invaluable “on the job” learning experiences that enabled him to hone essential leadership, customer service and business acumen skills.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Cantrell is known for her strong and decisive leadership, particularly during COVID-19’s arrival to New Orleans in 2020. As the leader, she prioritized protecting New Orleans residents by taking measures independently and more comprehensive than those recommended by state authorities.

Jack Cantrell is also well known for her deep interest in history. She has researched enslaved peoples’ lives as well as Native tribes’ histories; using Ghanaian term Sankofa as her guideline: that we should learn from past events to improve future ones.

Cantrell also serves on the board of directors for Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. She’s part of their women’s auxiliary, helping with home shows, hospitality needs and more. Furthermore, Cantrell created and mandates reading of a homeowner handbook among her homeowners.

Personal Life

Jack Cantrell was deeply appreciative of all those who provided support during his service in both Korea and Vietnam. His family include Joyce Cantrell and two children whom he leaves behind.

Cantrell was an iconic figure at Faria Beach in Ventura and regularly surfers paid their respects at Faria on Sunday morning by tossing flowers into the water in his memory. Surfers paid their last respects by throwing flowers in to memorialize him at this local landmark.

He is survived by two daughters: Tonya Joins from Gallatin and Deanna (Darryl) Counts from Smithville; four grandchildren including Torryn Gash from Shelbyville, Derek Joins from Castalian Springs, Jordan Gash of Clute and Rachel Russell both living in Clute; as well as five great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

He has performed with Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Circus of Power, Metal Church, Gov’t Mule and Damageplan as a guitarist or keyboardist. Additionally, he made appearances in movies like Jerry Maguire (1996) and Rock Slyde (2009) as an actor or musician. Professionally, he works in mechanical engineering but enjoys road racing as a recreational hobby.

He is an avid collector of cars and motorcycles and has been featured on television programs like Rock and Roll Rescue and Car Chasers. Additionally, he is known to support multiple charities through donations made directly by him.

He currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million and remains on good terms with Courtney Clarke; previously they had been linked. He lives with his daughter in California. Additionally, he practices Christianity as well as running Phantom Space Corporation, an entrepreneur that develops space transportation technology.

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