Jack Cartwheel

Jack Cartwheel – Rising Talent in the Wrestling Industry

Jack Cartwheel, a prominent wrestling talent who has recently made waves in the industry, recently spoke with Jeremy Lambert and Stephen Jensen on The Spotlight about his success.

He has competed for Game Changer Wrestling and PWG, and will also participate in the 2022 Battle of Los Angeles tournament.

Early Life and Education

Jack Cartwheel hails from California. He earned a degree in psychology and competed in gymnastics until suffering a back injury that forced him out. Additionally, Jack also plays football for Chapman University while simultaneously juggling both education and wrestling careers through GCW, PWG and AEW.

Recently he made an appearance at Demand Lucha alongside El Hijo del Vikingo and Speedball Mike Bailey in a three-way match, boasting incredible body control to execute incredible spins and acrobatic moves such as Space Flying Tiger Drop into Sky Twister Press.

Although new to the business, he has already made an impressionful mark on the independent scene. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Report recognizes him as one of the hottest up-and-coming talents worldwide.

Professional Career

Jack Cartwheel may be relatively new to wrestling, but notable independent promotions quickly noticed him. Currently a regular at GCW and previously seen competing for other companies (MLW among them), Cartwheel quickly established himself in his field.

Cartwheel is an amazing athlete, possessing talent in gymnastics, football (playing for Chapman University) and wrestling – three disciplines which he combines into an exciting in-ring performance.

Tonight at AEW Dark features several impressive matches, but one standout contest was between Konosuke Takeshita and Jack Cartwheel, two wrestlers with an extensive history in MLW and other promotions; Cartwheel may seem an underdog to Takeshita at first glance, but his track record speaks volumes for his talent as a competitor in professional wrestling.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Cartwheel is a high-flying performer known for his cartwheel skills in the ring. Educated in gymnastics and having competed at college level competitions, Jack has made notable appearances for independent promotions including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Game Changer Wrestling.

As champion of Demand Lucha’s one-fall tournament Battle Bog, he defeated Speedball Mike Bailey and El Hijo del Vikingo in an exciting one-fall match featuring nonstop action.

He is competing in the PWG BOLA 2022 tournament, an exciting new proving ground for up-and-coming talent. He has made notable appearances at GCW and Violence X Suffering; fans love his energetic wrestling style and potential main event talent potential is evident.

Personal Life

Jack Cartwheel is an up-and-coming California indie wrestler known for his incredible acrobatics in and out of the ring. Competing for GCW as well as various independent promotions while being a college student playing football at Chapman University.

Cartwheel took on Dark Sheik at a recent Hoodslam event and appeared to win when he executed a rolling Death Valley Driver; however, Lita intervened and kicked her in the dick while the referee was distracted.

Jack Cartwheel may be new to wrestling, but prominent independent promotions have quickly taken notice. He made his PWG debut at Mystery Vortex 7 in August 2021, and since has appeared for GCW, Violence X Suffering, and others.

Net Worth

New Jack has amassed immense wealth over three decades thanks to his successful professional wrestling endeavors and other ventures like acting, rap music and more.

Cartwheel was an acclaimed member of the independent wrestling scene and Dave Meltzer recently predicted he would become “a big star soon” following seeing him at Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s Mystery Vortex 7.

Cartwheel has officially entered PWG’s 2022 Battle of Los Angeles competition and joins Daniel Garcia, Lio Rush, Kevin Blackwood, Black Taurus, Alex Shelley and Jonah Rock as competitors. The competition will take place on August 23; more information can be found here.

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