Jack Chabert

Jack Chabert – A Book Review

Max Bralier writes books under the pen name Jack Chabert. He is best known as the creator and author of Eerie Elementary series with Scholastic Branches as well as Poptropica: Mystery of the Map graphic novel series and Galactic Hot Dogs middle grade adventure series – in addition to licensed books for Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe.

Early Life and Education

Jack Chabert’s early chapter book for readers who are ready to transition from picture books will keep children on the edge of their seats! From vending machine teeth gnashing together to dark hallways and beyond, this novel will keep their attention.

Sam Graves quickly discovers on his first day as hall monitor that his school has come alive – and is actively feeding off of its students! Now it is up to Sam, Lucy and Antonio to stop it before it consumes all their lives!

Professional Career

Lacey Chabert is an accomplished actress, model and internet personality known for her roles as Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls movies and TV shows.

Wendy Chabert and she share a strong, warm bond. Each year they celebrate Christmas together, spending quality time together.

Chabert has also written several books under his pen name Jack Chabert, including the Eerie Elementary series by Scholastic Branches for young readers transitioning from leveled reading books but aren’t ready for traditional chapter books yet. Additionally, this alias was used when contributing games on Poptropica website – serving both as writer and game designer there.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Chabert, an award-winning author for children, has become one of the New York Times bestselling authors in children’s books. His Eerie Elementary series published by Scholastic Branches caters to readers looking for their first taste of chapter books but who may still need leveled reading options as an intermediate step.

Sam and his friends keep finding themselves in trouble in this eighth book of the New York Times-bestselling series! From arriving late for class, Lucy slamming doors or Antonio accidentally trippng his teacher, mad scientist Orson Eerie is always plotting an attack!

Sam Ricks is the illustrator for this series. Additionally, he serves as lead graphic design faculty at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City and lives with his family in Utah.

Personal Life

As for her personal life, she remains relatively private. However, she is married to Nehdar, with whom they share an adorable daughter together. As a devoted mother she regularly posts adorable images of herself with her daughter on her Instagram account.

Sam, Lucy and Antonio are having difficulty at school; their hall monitor jobs are in jeopardy due to Orson Eerie! He plans on striking again during a kickball showdown; Sam, Lucy and Antonio must fight back if they hope to save their school! Based on a concept by Jeff Kinney from Wimpy Kid and co-written with Kory Merritt; both authors are New York Times bestselling authors for Eerie Elementary books as well as Poptropica: Mystery of the Map graphic novel series; licensed works include LEGO Adventure Time Regular Show Steven Universe Uncle Grandpa publications!

Net Worth

She is best-known for her roles on television shows such as All My Children and Mean Girls where she played Claudia Salinger and Gretchen Weiner respectively, garnering her an immense fanbase on social media. Additionally, she is a celebrated voice actress and has appeared in multiple Hallmark movies.

She is married to David Nehdar, a business manager, and they share one child. In addition to acting, she has written several books and created Eerie Elementary book series.

The combined net worth of both partners is an estimated $3 Million dollars. She stands 5’10”, has dark brown hair and eyes, and an attractive smile. Additionally, she enjoys practicing yoga and hiking as hobbies in her free time.

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