Jack Chains

Jack Chains

Jack chains are a versatile chain commonly used to suspend light fixtures or secure animals. Available in various sizes and weights, some models even feature corrosion protection treatment to prolong their usefulness.

These steel jack chains make an excellent addition to any medieval reenactment armor harness. Available as a set of two, they’re intended to be tied and sewn onto the outer fabric of an arming doublet (gambeson).

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Jack chains, or figure eight chains, provide both safety and flexibility when hanging items like signage, light fixtures or boards from walls. Available in various sizes and strengths to meet various applications; it may even be used to tether animals.

Jack chains were an essential piece of armour in medieval warfare for infantry soldiers. These multi-articulated steel straps were attached to arming doublets or gambesons with padding armlets to protect shoulders from sword cuts. Jack chains offered an economical alternative to costly plate armor.

Professional Career

Single jack chains are among the smallest and lightest commercial chains made from wire, designed specifically to be used for applications that do not require high strength such as hanging warehouse signs or lighting fixtures or providing novelties like flower pots or children’s toys.

These weldless chains are constructed using thin wire with figure eight loops at right angles to each other and can be treated for added strength and corrosion resistance.

Many hardware stores stock an assortment of sizes and weights of jack chain, with weight limits clearly marked on them. When choosing one for an anticipated load, make sure it will withstand its expected stresses without failing and potentially causing property damage or injury to humans or animals. Occasionally these chains are painted or otherwise treated for aesthetic reasons as well.

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Historical infantry soldiers without plate armour would use jack chains (also called arming jackets or “jacks”) as part of their arming jackets (called jacks ). These steel jack chains come as sets of two and provide ample protection for LARPing medieval or fantasy soldier characters.

Manufacturer of standard and customized metal jack chains used for hanging identification signs. Available with zinc plating on reels/spools and cut to custom lengths. VMI programs, rush shipping and JIT delivery available.

Personal Life

Jack chains were an affordable piece of armour designed for infantry soldiers without access to full articulated plate armor. Constructed from 2 mm thick metal plates, these steel jack chains would fasten securely onto sleeves of an arming doublet to provide rigidity and protection from sword slashes.

These jack chains feature two circular plates interspersed with two straight ones connected via rings, each capable of being latched directly onto a gambeson sleeves or riveted directly. Available as sets of two.

Chains are typically graded according to their expected load limits and treated for corrosion resistance, making them suitable for suspending light fixtures or tethering animals.

Net Worth

Jack chain is a type of weldless chain featuring figure eight-shaped loops at right angles to one another, available both single or double forms and in various sizes, weight limits and finishes to meet specific applications such as suspending light fixtures or signs.

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