Jack Cheney

Jack Cheney (Movie Review)

McKay’s satirical approach can sometimes border on comic fantasy, with Cheney and Lynne engaging in Machiavellian pillow talk that sounds like Shakespeare at one point and an artificial closing credits roll at another; yet ultimately the film takes on an inherently serious message about power-grabbing.

Bale’s performance of Cheney as a modern-day Rasputin who subjugates President Bush to his will was unnerving and strikingly convincing.

Early Life and Education

Cheney arrived at the Pentagon as an unlikely secretary of defense, having never served in the military (he used education deferments to avoid the draft and, after graduating college, married Lynn), and suffering six heart attacks and having undergone quadruple bypass surgery.

But he became an adept political artist, restoring White House influence and asserting its strength within Congress over issues like authorizing wide authorizations for eavesdropping on suspected terrorists. Additionally, he oversaw military interventions in Panama and the Middle East.

Professional Career

As Secretary of Defense during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Cheney led the Pentagon during this conflict. He played an essential role in communicating intelligence reports that implicated Saddam Hussein with illegal development of weapons of mass destruction contrary to United Nations resolutions–reports that convinced President George W. Bush to initiate war against Saddam. Furthermore, Halliburton’s work in Iraq created controversy due to allegations of corruption and favoritism towards it.

Cheney was an outspoken critic of the Iran nuclear deal and warned of other countries developing nuclear capabilities as a result of Soviet collapse. Additionally, he advocated for free-market economics and reduced taxes. Cheney maintained his lobbyist duties for clients such as Monsanto, Entergy and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; both resided together in Wilson Wyoming with their wives Liz.

Achievement and Honors

Cheney frequently found himself grappling with budget and downsizing concerns as well as international crises requiring his attention. For instance, when elements of Philippine military attempted to overthrow President Corazon Aquino through bombing attacks against her palace and strafed/bombed it with rockets, Cheney authorized U.S. jets to buzz rebel planes at their bases and fire on them if they tried taking off, thus destabilizing their coup attempt and ending it quickly.

Cheney believed that NATO needed to become more engaged in aiding European democracies. At his final NATO meeting as secretary of defense, he called on the alliance to reconsider its structure and purpose so as to meet future challenges more effectively. A staunch, uncompromising neoconservative, Cheney often stood firm for his convictions and often battled on his behalf; when forced to break promises or compromise moral standards he expressed displeasure at such actions.

Personal Life

Marian Cheney enjoys biking and hiking for leisure; baking; taking weekend walks with her family; camping; she also attends Emmanuel Reformed Church of Castleton-on-Hudson as an active member.

Cheney had to consider social issues that affected military forces as secretary of defense, such as downsizing nuclear arsenals and progress on arms control agreements between President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin. He supported those initiatives.

Cheney held regular meetings with President Bush and other top members of his administration, such as national security adviser Brent Scowcroft and White House Chief of Staff John Sununu; he also consulted with Colin Powell. Cheney usually focused on external matters while delegating many internal Pentagon management details to deputy secretary of defense Donald J. Atwood Jr.

Net Worth

Cheney boasts a considerable net worth that, according to various reports, ranges between $7-44 million. She amassed much of this fortune through political career and business ventures – as well as collecting an annual congressional salary of approximately $174,000!

Cheney has earned the reputation for being a hands-on Vice President. She often attends cabinet meetings and policy discussions, while using her position to advocate conservative causes and policies.

Cheney has not ruled out running for president in 2024, though her chances of securing the Republican nomination seem remote; other candidates such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence enjoy much higher voter support than she does. Furthermore, running for office can quickly drain one’s bank accounts.

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