Jack Dayan

Spectrotel Founder and CEO Jack Dayan Dies at 93

Grain Management LLC announced the successful closing of their acquisition of Spectrotel Inc, the premier next-generation aggregator and integrated technology services provider. Jack Dayan will maintain a minority share, while former President Ross Artale has assumed leadership of Grain Management as CEO.

Case was handled by our firm’s Miami office.

Early Life and Education

Lital Dayan never imagined herself winning accolades at an elite international science fair as a child growing up on a citrus grove with her father conducting field research. Now serving as curriculum and Jewish education coordinator at Mandel JCC of Palm Beaches Early Childhood Learning Center.

Jack Dayan is an Israeli entrepreneur and businessman best known as the founder and chairman of Elad Systems, which he led as CEO and chairman until 2005, when he sold his interest. Additionally, Dayan lectures at Ariel University.

His golden spirit and profound understanding of human behavior combined with his talented musicality has earned him fame as a beloved singer-songwriter and top band member who can deeply touch crowds worldwide. Based out of Maale Shomron, Israel; Ilana Dayan is his cousin.

Professional Career

Jack was an exceptional business attorney: smart, shrewd and with an uncommonly common-sense approach to both problems and opportunities. He could be aggressive when necessary but always took time to carefully consider all possible scenarios before taking action or refraining from action altogether. Moreover, his clients trusted in him completely as his loyalty matched theirs – an admirable combination.

He owned an elegant apartment, an impressive collection of clothing and shoes, and an exquisite home. Family was very important to him; he took great joy in spending time with his children and grandchildren. Additionally, he enjoyed gardening, running, listening to Brazilian music and listening to Brazilian-based podcasts – truly gentlemanlike qualities in any man.

Achievement and Honors

Ramblin’ Jack, who passed away at 93 in January 2019, continued the tradition of the traveling troubadour by sharing his tales to audiences everywhere he traveled. One of his songs-Cup of Coffee-was even recorded by Johnny Cash himself! Additionally, his influence can be found among singer-songwriters like Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark and Tom Russell.

He founded an organization to link Boston-area high school students to laboratory research opportunities, and coauthored Success with Science: The Winner’s Guide to High School Research.

Dayan earned critical acclaim as a filmmaker with his award-winning movie “Agfa,” which won nine Israeli Academy competition awards and first prize at Jerusalem Festival. Other films directed by Dayan included Mr. Baum and The Electric Blanket. Dayan was son of famed military chief and defense minister Moshe Dayan.

Personal Life

Worldly and pragmatic, he represented the settlement movement to international audiences. Furthermore, he was also an accomplished writer and newspaper columnist; Ilana Dayan herself is his cousin.

Israel is proud of his significant role as a prominent figure in Israeli history and deeply revered internationally. He first gained notoriety with his military leadership during Israel’s War of Independence before later serving as minister of defense during Sinai campaign and Six-Day War as minister.

He is involved in multiple business ventures and founded five companies. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors at The Food Bank for New York City where he has held roles such as secretary, nominating committee chairman and governance committee chair over time. However, his personal life remains relatively private.

Net Worth

Dayan has also established herself as an artist. She has showcased her works in leading publications like ‘The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and VOGUE – not to mention 10 TV series as producer credits!

Dayan prefers not to reveal any intimate details of her private life to the general public and would rather concentrate on her profession and stay focused.

After becoming known for her role in Netflix’s Halston, Dayan has estimated her net worth at $1 Million and continues to expand over time. For more information about Dayan visit her official site or social media accounts.

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