Jack Dudley

Jack Dudley

Jack Dudley had a deep-seated love for people. He and Larkin appreciated all of the kindness shown them from family, friends, and fellow churchgoers during his final years.

Dudley dedicated decades to Virginia Tech as a beloved professor and director of University Honors until his retirement in 2008. Under his direction, this program created its inaugural two residential communities.

Early Life and Education

Musical was one of his great passions, singing in various choirs over time as well as playing multiple instruments including guitar and harmonica. Along with Martha, he belonged to a church group in Connecticut that presented plays and musicals each year.

He was an incredible athlete at Boys’ Latin, excelling at football, baseball and lacrosse – lettering in all three sports – earning honors such as Baltimore Examiner All-Star status as well as US Lacrosse Academic All-American status and Bratton Cup Maryland All-Star in 2007.

Dudley mentored numerous Virginia Tech students towards national and international scholarship awards during his time there, helping produce one Rhodes Scholar, three Marshall Scholars, two Truman Scholars, 33 Goldwater scholars and six USA Today Academic All Americans among other accomplishments. Furthermore, Dudley published numerous articles, book chapters and scholarly presentations as part of his tenure there; joined the Academy of Teaching Excellence; received multiple teaching awards; was inducted as a Life Member into Virginia Tech Alumni Hall of Honor — receiving multiple teaching awards throughout.

Professional Career

Dudley is a professional boxer who prefers using traditional techniques in his fights. Unlike his rival Balrog, Dudley prefers respectful interactions between opponents; he disdains truly violent confrontations or rude people.

He possesses several Super Arts, such as the Rolling Thunder – which utilizes Dempsey rolls to power a series of hooks similar to Date Eiji’s Shoryureppa move – and Corkscrew Blow (a powerful left-handed cross punch that hits five times), both performed using left hands. Furthermore, he employs different kicking attacks such as Flicker Kick and Machinegun Kick for his attacks.

Donations in his memory may be made to Richmond Memorial Library at 19 Ross Street Batavia New York 14020 or to YMCA of Fulton.

Achievement and Honors

Dudley excelled in academics as a writer of several critical works on American literary naturalism, African American literature and Western American literature. Additionally he taught American literature courses as director of Virginia Tech Honors College.

He was an accomplished artist and specialized in portraying landscapes, architecture, and people using both oil and watercolor mediums. Although initially his style was heavily influenced by impressionists and expressionists, eventually his own distinct aesthetic emerged over time.

She earned several accolades and awards, such as an Oscar nomination for her music in The Full Monty and became the inaugural Composer in Association with the BBC Concert Orchestra. Additionally, she was active in pop music as part of synth-pop band Art of Noise as well as producing its film adaptation of Les Miserables.

Personal Life

Jack Dudley served in the Pacific Fleet and World War II as a Marine, earning both honor and distinction for his efforts. A dedicated and charismatic warrior, he found great pleasure in making others laugh through humor as well as helping other people. He was truly one of America’s greatest hero’s.

He made his mark in art through landscape (such as painting the Grand Canyon), architecture and Mexican genre painting. Additionally, he developed his “broken color” technique which makes brilliant bits of pure color visible through tonal patterns in his oil paintings.

His widow, Martha; two sons Leslie Van and Bill Hills; daughter Carlie Hill and six grandchildren remain to mourn his passing. As a dedicated family man he will be greatly missed by all his nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

Jack Dudley reportedly is estimated to possess a net worth estimated at over $1 billion. He currently serves as Executive Vice President for LXP Industrial Trust, a real estate investment company, since 2006. Since joining in 2006 he has held various roles within their Asset Management department.

Dudley was born in Oakland, California and attended the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York where he competed in football, track athletics and modern pentathlon competition. In 1930 he graduated 28th in his class and was appointed second lieutenant in the cavalry corps.

During World War II, he served with the 1190th Base Engineer Unit in Nagoya, Japan, and Army Map and Photograph Branch in Washington D.C. After returning home, he taught soil mechanics at California State University at Long Beach where he founded its Soil Mechanics Laboratory.

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