Jack Harlow Crystal Ballroom

Jack Harlow Lives and Raps at the Crystal Ballroom

Despite the fact that he moved from Shelbyville to Louisville with his family when he was young, Jackman Thomas Harlow has been making music a part of his life since his pre-teen years. Whether he was making his own music or playing in the school orchestra, he is a talented kid who knows how to make a splash. Several of his songs made it into the charts, including a hit called “First Class” that peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition to being a talented musician, he is also an actor. He has appeared in various films, including the film versions of The Big Bang Theory, and The Greatest Showman. In fact, he is so good at acting that he has won awards for his work on the stage, as well as his acting.

Not surprisingly, he has a handful of RIAA certified gold discs, but he has also garnered a large number of platinum certifications for his tracks. He has a long list of notable achievements to his credit, including being the first female rapper to receive a solo record contract and earning the first ever multi-platinum record from a male artist. The aforementioned multi-platinum deal is a major coup for his label, Atlantic Records. As of last year, Harlow’s album sales had climbed from a mere 21,000 to over a million. He also made the list of “Top Ten Bestselling Hip-Hop Artists in the World” and has won many prestigious awards and accolades, including being the recipient of the Best Male R&B/Pop Album of the Year award at the BMI Awards. He has also been honored with three GRAMMY nominations, including winning the most prestigious Best New Artist award.

The biggest challenge for a young rap star like Harlow is keeping his momentum up. As a youngster, he cultivated a cult following by releasing a slew of mixtapes and EPs, such as his highly rated Extra Credit. He has also managed to secure a few high-profile gigs, such as performing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and starring in the movie Big Fat Liar. He is currently on the road for the Creme de la Creme tour, which is named for the aforementioned album. For fans of the aforementioned superstar, the upcoming tour will certainly be a blast.

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