Jack Herbein

Jack Herbein – Inductee Into the Association for Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame

Jack has been an active member of the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) for more than two decades and his membership has taught him much about accounting marketing.

KYW Newsradio revisits Metropolitan Edison’s mishandling of Three Mile Island accident, particularly their failure to provide clear and timely information. As this year marks 45 years since Three Mile Island disaster occurred, KYW Newsradio looks back at how plant owner had mismanaged crisis by failing to provide clear and timely updates about how best to respond.

Early Life and Education

Jack Herbein attended and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point where he won the 155 lbs weight class Brigade Boxing Championship as a plebe. Additionally, during his first class year he received the Coach Rubino Trophy as best boxer across all of West Point.

At Three Mile Island’s accident 40 years ago, many notable figures such as its top energy regulator and plant owner played pivotal roles. But the real stars were those who lived nearby – they deserve for their stories to be shared.

Professional Career

Jack serves on the Media Youth Center Board of Directors and founded Ethan’s Hope for Humanity, which raises funds and renovates music rooms for children in need. Additionally, Jack coaches multiple youth sports and musical activities including ice hockey, baseball, basketball and marching band.

Jean: Today I’m talking with Jack Kolmansberger, chief marketing officer at Herbein + Company and recipient of this year’s Association for Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame award. Thank you for joining us, Jack.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Herbein made history twice during his two class years by winning both of them Brigade Boxing Championships at 155 pounds each time! As an Olympic boxing candidate he also proved popular among coaches such as Rubino who offered him an Olympic quarter final tryout spot.

Herbein believes physical perception is at the core of music teaching. Her training in massage therapy, Alexander Technique and yoga have further deepened her whole-body movement insights.

Personal Life

Jack has been an enthusiastic supporter and active participant in AAM for nearly two decades, serving as chapter president in Greater Philadelphia Chapter where he founded its charter. Additionally, Jack has presented at Summits and provided mentoring support for many young professionals within this chapter.

Jack is an advocate for the arts, fundraising for and renovating music rooms at local schools. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Media Youth Center with his passion being helping children feel special through music.

Physical perception development is at the heart of her teaching philosophy – whether for professional musicians or younger students just learning piano keys. Utilizing biofeedback, imagery and alternative therapies allows her to teach technique and wellness with an approach that is straightforward yet compassionate.

Net Worth

Jean Caragher: Hello and welcome to Capstone Marketing! Today I’m interviewing Jack Kolmansberger of Herbein + Company in Philadelphia; an inductee into the Association for Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame this year. Jack, thank you so much – what an honor! Jack Kolmansberger: Thanks, Jean; it truly is an honor!

Jack has dedicated much of his community service to Media Youth Center by volunteering his expertise with board management, programs, and membership issues; as well as founding Ethan’s Hope for Humanity which raises money, renovates music rooms, and gives away musical instruments to children in need.

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