Jack Martone

Jack Martone

Jack Martone is an American lawyer and businessman. He previously served as Branch Chief for Insurance, Financial Management and Assessments with the U.S. Department of Labor; additionally, he moderates AEU Longshore Insider blog.

Like Twain, he often makes light of serious matters by using humor to bring attention to them; yet unlike many comedians he endows his characters with integrity that allows them to stand on their own and reflect a Midwestern experience of the world.

Early Life and Education

Jack Martone was not only an accomplished writer but an enthusiastic fisherman as well. He was heavily involved with the Block Island Maritime Institute and Mary Donnelly Fund and brought many children from Christo Rey schools and San Miguel Academy onto Block Island for ecological studies and recreational fun.

Though well known among writers, much of his work is published in literary magazines that are less well-read than mainstream publications and his books receive few reviews in major newspapers or journals. Still, his works remain immensely popular with literary enthusiasts; while not accurately representing Indiana as an entire region in his fiction; rather he creates humorous yet realistic portrayals of Midwest heartlands through fiction writing.

Professional Career

Martone has earned a professional music career working with jazz and classical luminaries as well as hip-hop producers Arkatech Beatz. Aside from playing guitar professionally, Martone also writes published novels as well as earning his Ph.D in moral theology from Fordham University.

James was an admirable gentleman with an open heart who deeply loved his family and sports, leaving behind Kim, their son James and many of their close friends as a lasting memory. We will miss him dearly.

Martone’s prolific output has gone largely unrecognized by mainstream literary press. His stories veer away from traditional narrative, while his use of form is often unconventional: For instance, Four for a Quarter features one story written entirely with footnotes while other tales contain humorous self-reflexivity.

Achievement and Honors

Martone is an engaging speaker on the reading circuit but has largely gone unrecognized by mainstream literary publications. Perhaps that is due to being predominantly known for his humorous works and being like Twain in terms of their focus on humor, wordplay and quirky situations in their books.

He held coaching roles at Glen Cove, Sewanhaka and Carey High Schools on Long Island during his lifetime and also served as District Athletic Director for Sewanhaka Central Schools system. In 1974 he was honored with New York State Public High School Athletic Association Coach of the Year honor.

He was honored with induction into both the Cortland and Hofstra Halls of Fame as well as Clarke High School in Queens, NY’s Football Hall of Fame. He leaves behind his wife, two sons, and three grandchildren.

Personal Life

Martone is often compared to Twain for his playful nature and emphasis on regional humor in his writing. His early stories can be found across numerous collections and feature humor with wordplay as well as strong regional characteristics.

His later works, such as The Blue Guide to Indiana (2001), an ironic travel guide filled with invented facts and attractions, demonstrate an increasingly formalized style and approach.

Martone imbues his characters with the kind of elevated symbolic significance ascribed to Greek mythological figures by Hamilton, even when their interests and activities may seem more mundane and mundane than heroic. These pieces could hardly be called satirical but more accurately comic, with its subtle but identifiable humor.

Net Worth

Lexi and Bria Martone of TLC’s Unpolished are well-known for their incredible nail art and hairstyling talents, running a salon in New York where their magic can be seen working on clients. Jennifer Martone acts as manager while Eleanor Foxy Grandma offers styling assistance.

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