Jack McLarty

Jack McLarty

William Jackson McLarty (aka Jack McLarty) (1919-2011) was an acclaimed surrealist painter and printmaker in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from Benson High School in Portland and studying at Museum Art School and American Artists School respectively, in New York City.

With his wife Barbara, they established Portland’s inaugural cooperative gallery: Image Gallery. Their works can be found in collections such as Portland Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Oregon Percent for Art collections, Jordan Schnitzer Museum (U of O), and Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

Early Life and Education

William Jackson McLarty was born in Seattle, Washington on April 24, 1919. As soon as his family relocated to Portland, Oregon – later becoming home to him – his art training started at the Museum Art School (now PNCA) during the late 1930s before continuing at New York’s American Artists School with Anton Refregier and Joe Solman as teachers.

McLarty participated in numerous juried and invitational group and one-person exhibitions throughout his lifetime, including those sponsored by juries or invitational groups, such as Portland Art Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Seattle Art Museum and Hallie Ford Museum of Art (Rock Creek) – in addition to many institutions throughout Oregon. His paintings and prints can be found in these collections today.

In 1961, he and Barbara founded and ran an Image Gallery from their home for 25 years, which exhibited works influenced by Surrealism, German Expressionism, Diego Rivera’s muralist work in Mexico and Jose Clemente Orozco’s Mexican muralist work.

Professional Career

Jack McLarty is an internationally acclaimed modern painter. Born in Seattle, Washington and relocated to Portland as a teenager in order to assist his parents with managing small hotels, after high school he attended Portland Museum Art School (now PNCA) before heading to New York where he attended American Artists School under Anton Refregier and Joe Solman for further studies.

McLarty’s paintings capture an older Portland that was more independent, rowdier, and less stuck-on than what we see now. His art shows us a place that could be racist and uptight while at times also being open and generous.

In 1961 he and Barbara opened the Image Gallery on Northwest Overton Street where they specialized in regional contemporary art, Native Alaskan arts, and Mexican-Ocean native arts. They ran it until it was sold in 1986.

Achievement and Honors

McLarty was a renowned advocate of scholarship endowments within Adventist higher education, helping raise over $9 Million at his death. Furthermore, he was highly esteemed teacher of art and music as well as being frequently invited as presenter at national conferences.

Wilma loved him dearly, as did their daughter Julie Lee and son Stacey Jack whom he fathered with great devotion. Additionally, he was active within his church community, volunteering in many community and civic activities and serving as Director of Fund Raising for two General Conference sessions.

Well-known for his imaginative paintings and vibrant prints, his pieces can be found in collections across America including Portland Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Oregon Percent for Art collections, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (University of Oregon), Hallie Ford Museum of Art (Willamette University) as well as various university collections.

Personal Life

Jack Mclarty was an active participant in his community, playing an integral role in numerous civic organizations. He served on the trusteeship board for Ole Miss’s Center for the Study of Southern Culture as well as being a board member at Random Club. Additionally he belonged to Walter Scott Coffee Club and Caledonian Society of Mississippi.

He showed his work at the Image Gallery as well as in numerous juried and invitational group and one-person shows throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Recent Paintings USA (1962) and Art of the Pacific Northwest organized by Smithsonian in 1974.

In the 1960s, he and Barbara Lever established the Image Gallery on NW Overton Street to feature contemporary art from both local artists as well as indigenous Alaskan and Mexican pieces; they operated this gallery until 1986.

Net Worth

Christina McLarty enjoys a substantial salary as a journalist. Additionally, she has appeared in some Hollywood movies. An Emmy award recipient, her estimated net worth stands at $5 Million.

Wealth of this family stems from holdings in stocks, real estate and private businesses such as Whisenhunt Investments – a truck leasing firm. Furthermore, this family also runs a brokerage firm, invests in banks and owns West Little Rock Golf Course.

The family also owns dealerships in Brazil through the privately-held Brazilian American Automotive Group and holds a minority interest in publicly-traded CWT Corporation; Senator Flake serves on their board of directors.

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