Jack Mouse

Jack Mouse – Invented by Yale Scientists to Teach Coding

Yale scientists created Jack, the mouse-sized learning aid designed to teach sequencing through hands-on coding concepts! Children can plan a step-by-step path by selecting 30 double-sided coding cards to follow him along his journey.

Tall Grass Records’ third release by drummer Kevin Jones showcases his remarkable compositional abilities and classic jazz leadership expertise.

Early Life and Education

Jack Mouse is an accomplished drummer and jazz educator who has collaborated with musicians including Stan Kenton, Herb Ellis, Clark Terry and Joe Williams. For three years he was featured as soloist in the Falconaires – an official jazz ensemble at United States Air Force Academy – serving as featured soloist as featured soloist for three consecutive years. Additionally he has made multiple recordings as well as being published in Modern Drummer magazine as an article contributor.

Adult male mice were allowed to freely explore a 50 x 50 cm Plexiglas arena divided into two sections by white walls (1 Lux) and black walls (0 Lux), scored for total distance traveled and time spent in each compartment by an observer blind to genotype (Wei et al, 2010). Hippocampal mRNA was extracted from each mouse for use in qPCR analysis as previously described (Wei et al, 2010). This experiment involved 6 BDS male pups born at PND 21 for analysis (Wei et al, 2010). This experiment involved 6 BDS male pups who had their respective genotype mRNA extracted and isolated for use qPCR analysis as previously (Wei et al, 2010). This experiment involved 6 BDS male pups as well as controls male pups which had their genome sequence known (Wei et al, 2010).

Professional Career

Jack Mouse is a celebrated jazz drummer who has performed alongside some of music’s legendary figures such as Tex Beneke, Buddy Morrow, “Peanuts” Hucko and Ralph Flanagan. For three years he was one of the featured performers with The Falconaires of U.S. Air Force Academy; performing as soloist.

He is also a teacher, offering clinics at jazz festivals and conventions as well as universities and high schools nationwide. Additionally, he serves as staff artist/clinician for Yamaha Drums, Sabian Cymbals and Aquarian drum heads.

He and his wife, Janice Borla, run a non-profit foundation called Flashpoint Creative Arts to promote jazz as a life skill. Additionally, the couple built their home with a basement designed as a performance space and recording area.

Achievement and Honors

Jack’s greatest achievement came in 1989, when he and a team demonstrated over one million VCSELs on a chip less than half an inch square centimeter in size – an “once-in-a-lifetime moment”. Since then, VCSELs are used in applications such as Ethernet communications, computer mice, medical applications, facial recognition technology and LIDAR among others.

At its height, more than 60 labs contributed to this informal Mouse News Letter publication. Margaret Dickie discovered an obese mutation which ultimately serves as an effective model of human obesity.

Mel Blanc, known for his original Jack Benny radio and TV shows, provides many of the voices for mice in this film. Many real-life cast members from Jack Benny are caricatured here as well; Mary Livingston plays female mouse; Don Wilson stands tall as announcer; while Eddie Anderson voices Rochester (the black manservant).

Personal Life

Jack is an enthusiastic jazz drummer, having appeared in Modern Drummer magazine and featuring on albums like Lunar Octave, Agents of Change and From Every Angle (Blujazz). Additionally he played with Dan Haerle Trio albums such as Truth of the Matter and Standard Procedure; one of which received DownBeat’s Best CD Award, Promises to Burn.

Gnarls Barkley, which pioneered an unconventional combination of pop, rock and hip hop music with CeeLo Green is another musical endeavour produced by him; their St. Elsewhere and The Odd Couple albums were both recorded during this time.

The Mouse That Jack Built features many of Benny’s regular cast members voicing them as cartoon mice, including Mary Livingston (his real life wife and TV/radio girlfriend) and Don Wilson (caricatured as a mouse) from Benny’s regular cast.

Net Worth

He began his YouTube channel in 2009 and currently boasts 2.9 million subscribers. On his channel he posts montages from popular games such as Battlefield and Fortnite; additionally he is known as an influential gaming figure who collaborates with other YouTubers such as Daequan Loco.

Jack has been involved with several businesses such as PayPal and Confinity, in addition to acting in multiple films.

He is well known in the Bitcoin community and for his engaging interviews. A large portion of his fortune comes from investing in companies focused on Bitcoin; an estimate puts his estimated net worth at $15 Million. A graduate from Red Land High School, he currently lives alone and enjoys tumbling.

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