Jack O Strive

Jack O Strive – The Second DLC Character Revealed For Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive’s second DLC character has been revealed, featuring Jack-O Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator-. As in her predecessor game, Jack-O deploys small servants that approach and attack enemies on her behalf.

This unique fighter requires some practice to master, yet rewards players through trial-and-error. She’s a top contender in online arenas as well.

Early Life and Education

Jack O strive was born in Brooklyn, New York and lived most of his life as an activist. A merchant seaman by profession, political organizer, worker intellectual and proponent of what became known as social movement trade unionism; also active within SCLC and Rainbow Coalition organizations and strongly believing in uniting workers struggles with global movements for liberation, Jack was revered as one of their foremost voices.

Jack-O’ Valentine quickly rose to popularity after its 2021 debut of Guilty Gear -Strive. As a technical rushdown fighter who relies on momentum and gains more power from her servants – robotic minions she summons for combat purposes – Jack-O’ Valentine quickly established herself as one of its fan favorites. Furthermore, her combo capabilities made her an extremely dangerous opponent.

Achievement and Honors

Jack-o’ Valentine, although an artificial life form, often displays emotional responses and displays childish behavior. She was intended to prevent Justice, Sol’s messenger of destruction from rising again but she has failed in that task due to being unable to keep her emotions under control.

Jack-o’ Valentine is an interesting character in Guilty Gear Strive, having first debuted in Xrd Revelator as a rushdown fighter that utilizes servant characters to harass opponents. These minions can take hits in her place and attack on their own while also serving as projectiles, making this character immensely enjoyable to play despite its technical nature and steep learning curve. She will reward players who take time to understand her with lots of exciting combos!

Personal Life

Jack-O’ Valentine was created by That Man as an artificial life form to prevent Justice, the Herald of Destruction from returning. She can regenerate herself and can recover from wounds that aren’t instantly fatal; additionally she contains the Scales of Juno within herself which acts as a safety feature to maintain stability if she becomes damaged.

She works as a bounty hunter to support herself, living near Sol Badguy and holding Aria Hale, Sol’s former love interest, in her body. When battle commences, she can deploy up to three robot servants as robotic allies which enhance her mixup and combo capabilities in combat. However, she tends to become emotional at times, sometimes acting childish.

Net Worth

Michael Jackson remains an incredible financial force despite the turmoil of his personal life and controversy surrounding Leaving Neverland documentary, with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed PS370 Million. Jack-O Valentine first made her debut appearance in Guilty Gear Xrd Revalator as an artificial construct created to revive Sol Badguy’s lost love Aria; but in Strive, she appears as an effective rushdown character with strong combo potential due to her robotic minions known as Servants who attack opponents on her behalf.

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