Jack Robeson

Jack Robeson

GH: Jack’s photography during this period reveals an in-depth knowledge of fashion and society. His portraits of friends at Mardi Gras and street scenes in Mexico demonstrate his sophisticated eye.

Political activism during the Spanish Civil War and his travels to Germany when fascism emerged had an immense effect on his ideology; ultimately this resulted in him losing both his passport and many concert dates in America.

Early Life and Education

Robeson stood up to racism with great conviction and courage; refusing to perform in segregated theaters while also becoming a well-known singer who could speak multiple languages.

He earned a four-year scholarship at Rutgers College and excelled academically, garnering 15 letters across four varsity sports. Additionally, he was elected into Phi Beta Kappa, one of America’s most prestigious academic honor societies.

On his travels he discovered that not all cultures and races were as overtly racist as in America, leading him to support racial equality at the Paris World Peace Conference and advocate pro-Soviet views that saw his passport revoked and concert tours cancelled by U.S. authorities.

Professional Career

Robeson became an influential force across entertainment, sports, and politics for his refusal to accept segregated roles for African Americans in society. Due to his staunch beliefs in equality as well as what were considered extreme political views by some officials at that time, his passport was temporarily suspended by the American government for almost 10 years.

After graduating from Rutgers, he attended Columbia Law School by playing professional football to offset tuition. Once there, however, racism at his first firm prevented him from practicing law and led to him leaving it behind altogether.

At this point, he discovered his voice and began his acting career, which brought him great success both on stage (especially Eugene O’Neill plays) and film ( including Sanders of the River in which he took important roles that avoided stereotyping).

Achievement and Honors

Robeson excelled not only as a singer but also as an athlete, scholar and orator. At age 17, he earned himself a four-year scholarship to Rutgers College by scoring high on a state writing exam. There, he became an all-American football player while also becoming known for his intellect as an exceptional scholar and orator.

Jack met art dealers Betty Parsons and Lee Bailey in New Orleans who encouraged him to move to New York in order to advance his skills. It proved pivotal; Jack quickly became an indispensable contributor for Vogue magazine with Vreeland giving him regular assignments including “Vogue’s Own Boutique,” where he photographed celebrities shopping at New York’s most fashionable stores for clothing. Soon thereafter he started receiving higher-profile fashion assignments as well as traveling abroad such as Paris, Milan and London for shoots.

Personal Life

Robeson was an outspoken supporter of black worth. This passion combined with an ideal of black personhood in modern society made him a controversial figure during an era when Americans were fearful about communism and equal rights.

As a law student at Columbia, Goode met Eslanda Cardoza Goode – then studying chemistry – who helped pay his tuition. However, due to encountering racism at his first post-Columbia job with a law firm he abandoned this path to pursue theater and music instead.

His films such as Sanders of the River and Song of Freedom challenged demeaning stereotypes to present audiences with an accurate portrayal of blacks than had been available before in cinema.

Net Worth

Jack Robinson is an eight million dollar wealth man who prefers living a simple, low-key life. With an estimated net worth of $8 Million dollars and multiple sources of income, Robinson prefers keeping his love life and personal affairs to himself.

He has become known for starring in movies such as Hot Summer Nights and Baywatch, as well as appearing in television series such as The Strain and Claws.

Jack is a loving husband and father. He has eight grandchildren whom he is very fond of, as well as being passionate about sports such as golfing, bowling and fishing. Jack also enjoys drinking cold beers with friends on occasion! Many friends and family consider him an exceptional individual – both his parents are deceased but he lives in the US.

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