Jack Sanderson

Jack Sanderson, Managing Director, Moody’s Corporation

From his perch in the press box, Sanderson makes the game look effortless. He deftly maneuvers the puck around, quickly accessing open areas, and using stretch passes to hit breaking forwards with quick breaks.

Jim Finneran, CFI and Jack Sanderson developed this course nearly 30 years ago to meet a need for hands-on technical experience that couldn’t be obtained in a classroom setting. Learn how appliances function, fail and can cause fires by studying actual appliance components.

Early Life and Education

Jack was an honorable veteran who served with the 301st Signal Photographic Company during the Korean War. As part of their team, they witnessed and documented Yucca Flat, Nevada’s initial public atomic blast ten times stronger than that which detonated Hiroshima’s bomb.

He worked as a farmer and agriculture instructor in Fowlerville before moving to Fremont. Additionally, Jack trained and raced harness horses. Together with his wife Lois, Jack had six children and many grandchildren.

As an avid sports fan and attender of his family’s sporting events, he delighted in playing golf or bowling and attending movie screenings such as Total Recall, Suspiria, Apocalypse Now and Dr. Strangelove.

Professional Career

Jack Sanderson was an avid moviegoer, enjoying watching all genres from Total Recall to Suspiria and Apocalypse Now – some of his favorites being Total Recall, Suspiria and Apocalypse Now. Additionally he enjoyed football – particularly Chelsea FC – which he followed avidly. Jack was an exceptional husband, father and friend; we will miss him greatly as will all his doctors, nurses and personal support workers for providing such outstanding palliative care during his last week with us. We would like to express our thanks towards everyone involved – their incredible assistance with providing palliative care during his last week of life.

Jack L. Sanderson is the Founder and CFI of Fire Findings, with over three decades of experience specializing in appliance failure analysis and product testing / analysis. He has received factory training at Honeywell, Whirlpool and Maycor as well as being recognized nationally as a speaker. In addition, Jack has testified as an expert witness in multiple product failure fire cases throughout the US.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Sanderson is currently the HR Business Partner team leader at Moody’s Corporation based out of London. Prior to joining Moody’s he worked in both public sector roles as well as running an undergraduate year abroad program at Drew University.

Film buff, John enjoys watching movies across genres; some of his favorites are Total Recall, Suspiria and Apocalypse Now. Outside the office he can often be found cheering for Chelsea or trying his hand at University Challenge questions.

Giggleswick School boasts an outstanding senior boys’ 3000m running team. As one of its members, he was recently selected for North Yorkshire Schools team participation at English Schools Championships this summer and feels immensely proud that this honor stands as proof of his dedication and hard work during training sessions.

Personal Life

Jack was an attentive father to his three children and numerous grandchildren. His wit made him popular, while his love of history and politics kept people talking – always offering advice whenever asked for advice!

He was an active member of Choudrant United Methodist Church and Senior Saints luncheon, as well as involved with digging water wells. Additionally, he belonged to National Rifle Association as a lifelong sports enthusiast.

He is survived by his wife, Lois Sanderson; sons Brent and Brian Sanderson of Fremont, Michigan; daughters Tanya Cole (m) Michael Cole; Kay Tee Rottman with husband Alan; Karen and Scott Sanderson from New Limerick; as well as 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. We would also like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, psw’s, homecare providers and friends for providing compassionate care for Jack over his long illness journey.

Net Worth

Sanderson excelled at her role of agent-general by attracting foreign investment and skilled migrants to Western Australia, while simultaneously promoting WA food and wine exports into European markets. Additionally, she played an instrumental role in turning around Fremantle Ports operations as part of her state government trading enterprise work.

Sanderson is an avid cinephile who takes great pleasure in watching classic movies such as Total Recall, Suspiria and Apocalypse Now. Additionally, she follows Chelsea FC and University Challenge with great interest.

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