Jack Sherwood

Jack Sherwood

Jack Sherwood was an old-school writer, perfecting his craft at daily newspapers. His ability to meet deadlines without faltering was legendary and his sentences always lean and concise.

Sherwood drove for Elite Motorsport team’s GB4 car throughout 2021, finishing in the top 10. His talent was widely acknowledged and was beloved among his fans.

Early Life and Education

Sherwood began his career as a reporter for newspapers before transitioning into magazine writing with Rags and then Soundings staffs. As part of these magazines he wrote the regular Bay Tripper column that highlighted all those living and enjoying Maryland waters for work or pleasure.

Jack also published the well-received book Maryland’s Vanishing Lives, chronicling lifestyles that were gradually disappearing from society. Jack could often be found sailing his Sparkman and Stevens 22-foot Sailmaster named Erewhon along the Chesapeake.

Jack returned to the station, only this time to meet Murphy. Although his primary purpose for being there was collecting evidence against Cirilla, she told him she knew something about a nearby werewolf village that Murphy could lead him too.

Professional Career

Jack Sherwood is an award-winning journalist who has contributed his writings to a variety of newspapers and magazines. He has an uncanny ability of finding intriguing characters on the fringes of waterfront culture, engaging them, and making them tell their tales. Jack’s talent as an adept storyteller allows him to recognize potential in his subjects’ stories while painting a positive portrait.

Sherwood finished 15th overall in the 2021 Ginetta Junior Championship with Elite Motorsport and is looking forward to racing British F4 this weekend at Silverstone and hoping for another great result.

He may not always be an easy person to work with, but his hard work yields amazing results. A fantastic team player and has shown tremendous promise over the past year; also making great strides forward with his driving abilities.

Achievement and Honors

Sherwood has been honored with induction into the Radio Hall of Fame as well as receiving many other accolades and honors, including membership to both Society of Broadcast Engineers and American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

He is an ardent supporter of sports teams like the San Francisco 49ers. Additionally, Sherwood has generously supported various charities and causes like Children’s Hospital of Oakland through donations. Furthermore, Sherwood hosts his popular podcast show called Sherwood Scoop which has quickly become a must-listen show among Bay Area residents. Beginning in 2018, balloting had been changed so DJs/talkers are chosen by current inductees while News, Sports and Specialty categories will be chosen by an induction committee composed of current inductees/pioneers/Pioneers plus Society of Broadcast Engineers committees.

Personal Life

Jack Sherwood was an independent man with a strong work ethic. From an early age he learned what needed to be done to keep the family functioning: from mowing lawns and milking cows to fixing fences.

He was an accomplished writer, often featuring local people and places. Known for finding colorful characters in any crowd, he would frequently tell tales of photo-boat drivers as opposed to skippers at regattas.

Sherwood keeps his personal life private, so it is difficult to ascertain who he may or may not be dating at this time. As he has never been married or had children of his own, but does have many close friendships whom he enjoys spending time with.

Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes & other online resources, Jack Sherwood earned approximately a Net Worth of between $1-5 Million at 28 years of age due to his success as a Gaelic Football Player.

Sherwood, known for creating iconic television shows like “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch”, remains immensely popular to this day in reruns and reunion specials; their success has rendered syndication deals and royalties very lucrative to him.

Sherwood also holds a wealth of journalism experience, having contributed his writing and insights to The New York Times and Newsweek publications. Additionally, as executive producer at Good Morning America he revitalized its focus by emphasizing news and current affairs which resonated with viewers. Alongside his entertainment work Sherwood serves as managing Director for Merchant Capital Division at Maxim Group LLC where he serves as partner.

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