Jack Stuteville

Jack Stuteville, former Mayor of Kingfisher, Pays $25,000 in Civil Penalties

Jack Stuteville, former Mayor of Kingfisher and current Director of First Capital Bank in Kingfisher has agreed to pay $25,000 in civil penalties related to its collapse but insists he did nothing wrong. According to the FDIC, Stuteville accepted payment related to First Capital Bank’s failure.

Early Life and Education

Beginning his business life as a mechanic, he quickly discovered a gift for operating large equipment. Working initially in construction then trucking industries before finding his niche as an extremely dependable driver in trucking industry.

He was an outgoing Castleberry resident with an outgoing personality who delighted in bringing people together and was known for having a good sense of humor. Additionally, he took an interest in dance and theatre production and founded YES (Youth Education on Stage) – a children’s theater company and school.

He served as Chairman of First Capital Bank in Guthrie and Mayor of Kingfisher; additionally he sat on the board of Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma.

Professional Career

Jack Stuteville has led an interesting professional journey. He has held positions such as business owner, actor and dancer before turning professional race car driver.

He is also an accomplished author and educator, having founded Hamilton Training Group (HTG), which offers covert tradecraft and surveillance training similar to CIA for private sector personnel.

He has managed counterintelligence (CI) and human intelligence organizations throughout his career, serving in several military capacities – such as leading the Army Foreign CI Activity and Joint CI Unit-Iraq; also, as Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service leader; his accomplishments include an exceptional record of leadership and results-driven performance; he holds credentials with both CIA Counterintelligence Officer credentials as well as extensive business associates within Intelligence Community networks; this makes for a very unique skill set and reputation within this sector.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Stuteville was well known as one of the pioneering throttlemen in offshore boat racing and his contributions helped elevate raceboat rigging to an art form. Unfortunately, he passed away Monday at the age of 79.

He was also an active businessman, owning Ton-Ville Grain in Olney and Air Tractor in East Palatka. Additionally, he served on both Olney Rotary Club’s Board of Directors and Hamilton Hospital’s.

In 2007 he earned the Southeastern Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year honor three times consecutively, making him one of two men to achieve this distinction three times over. Additionally, he founded Express Ranches Progressive Junior Scholarship as an organization which recognizes students for both merit and need; qualifying candidates can then access scholarships for college, university or vocational-technical school education programs.

Personal Life

Jack found Williston to be an inviting, friendly, and arts-friendly community; he quickly made many new friends through Entertainment Inc!, an entertainment choral theater group in town. Jack eventually relocated his mother Jean there as well and she quickly enjoyed living there too.

He and B. Michael Quale produced recitals, ballets and dance shows that brought hundreds of dancers into the area for years. Additionally, they founded Youth Education on Stage as a children’s theatre company and school.

An appeals court has upheld a jury award of $500,000 to Jack Stuteville, former Mayor of Kingfisher who also operates farm equipment business there. He was ordered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to pay this sum immediately.

Net Worth

Lenard Briscoe of Kingfisher Oil Company recently purchased control of a struggling Guthrie bank last year for $400,000 but now plans on taking control of another Oklahoma community bank as well. According to Lenard’s announcement Wednesday he has acquired Garland Parker family’s 92% interest in Citizens National Bank of El Reno at an undisclosed purchase price; Jack Stuteville will become president at Citizens National and work part time there as president as well.

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