Jack Terry

Jack Terry – Delaware Treasure

One of Jack’s great talents lies in her ability to depict human strength and dignity through her paintings – one reason she is such a Delaware treasure.

Her work often features exterior architecture that she reduces to its core components before painting them in a setting defined by broad strokes of color and sparse details.

Early Life and Education

Jack Richeson has always had a keen eye for art and all its associated aspects, dating back to childhood when he would watch painters create beautiful masterpieces and dream of owning one himself one day.

Jack Terry has become well-known for his cowboy genre paintings. His inspirations for such work include his maternal grandfather who rode some of the last cattle drives in the West and his paternal grandmother, an artist.

Jack currently resides on Virginia’s Eastern Shore in Onancock’s historic district, taking pleasure in its open, rural, and marine environment while operating his studio-gallery. Here he enjoys painting while teaching students and mentoring contemporary painters – often drawing emotion out of them through subject matter, color palette and light.

Professional Career

Jack Terry stands out as an artist due to the realism and attention to detail of his paintings. His subjects range from cowboys and newspaper editors, historical expeditions, as well as capture their subjects’ spirits as he depicts them with great accuracy. His portraits bring them alive while conveying an important story.

Although he has dabbled in sculpture, photography, videography and graphic design as well as his signature Jack series – exploring tension between text and image as well as questions regarding authorial ownership – it remains one of the most striking.

Achievement and Honors

Jack’s paintings have earned national acclaim and his art work has been showcased at multiple exhibitions. He serves as color profile illustrator and artist for the Eagles Over the Pacific book series as well as creating fine art figurative pieces and landscape paintings.

Young visitors often approach his works enthusiastically in galleries, which is something he finds an enormous compliment. Art-educated individuals have commented on his use of rich yet weightless color reminiscent of abstract expressionism or color field painting techniques.

Over his 60-year career in motion picture, he has served as Production Illustrator, Conceptual Artist and Art Director on many hit movies. Recently, the ADG’s Illustrators & Matte Artists Council presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Award – marking its inaugural presentation to a member of this group.

Personal Life

Jack was an accomplished printmaker who produced numerous engravings, etchings, and lithographs to complement his painting work. Additionally, he designed textile patterns sold to various companies and during the 1960s began slamming McCarthyism and misinformation campaigns through canvasses like Witches’ Sabbath in 1963.

Her works are distinguished by a distinctively simple style and understated setting, featuring exterior architecture reduced to essential components and colors such as gold-green shimmering under an air of lavender or pink sky.

Jack Richeson left his company in the hands of his children: his two sons Darren and Shawn Richeson continue to run it today while Jackie Richeson-Wynn serves as compliance specialist and other members of his family participate in sales and finance roles at the business.

Net Worth

Jack is an exceptional individual who possesses many talents: an entrepreneur, media personality, content producer and social media influencer. Additionally, he owns and operates Iggy NYC clothing company.

His maternal grandfather was a rancher and cowboy who participated in some of Texas’ final great cattle drives; his paternal grandmother was an artist who beautifully captured people and landmarks on canvas – this experience allowed Jack to develop his own distinctive style and artistic vision.

Since his beginnings, Jack has diligently strived to hone his talent. He experiments with paints, canvasses and materials in order to push himself beyond his comfort zone and expand the boundaries of his art. Jack truly embraces painting; each new piece deepens his passion.

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