Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas, President of Thomas Insulation

Insulation offers numerous advantages to equipment and spaces it safeguards, as well as to those operating or working around it. To take full advantage of its potential benefits, insulation must be installed and maintained according to specified standards.

NIA provides numerous documents, presentations and programs to assist design engineers in maintaining an in-depth knowledge of insulation standards and material types. Many of these programs come equipped with PDH or other professional credits that design engineers may apply for.

Early Life and Education

Thomas attended the University of Illinois and earned a B.S. in engineering. Following graduation he joined Owens-Illinois Glass Company where he participated in numerous research projects to develop fiberglass insulation for buildings, stoves and refrigerators, glass reinforcement materials as well as mechanical insulation products.

As well as teaching at Hope College, he has provided consulting work for Herman Miller as well as internal manufacturing training and process flow analysis for several local firms. Furthermore, he has lectured at multiple colleges.

His books include The Human Odyssey: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life and Learning as well as How to Nurture Your Child’s Intelligence, Creativity and Healthy Emotions from Birth Through Adolescence. In addition, he is involved with creating the new social enterprise 501C3 Revolution Workshop that addresses street violence as well as employment needs.

Professional Career

Tom Decker is an experienced foam insulation professional and certified provider for three different spray foam manufacturers. Additionally, he uses PolyMac equipment, considered one of the finest in his field, which provides free consultations and offers lowest price guarantees. As an active member of his community, he works closely with local organizations to address homelessness while creating energy efficient affordable homes.

Candidates seeking employment as an insulator mechanic must possess 10 years of professional experience, be familiar with applied math, blueprint reading, schematic plumbing diagrams, mechanical designs, sheet metal layout and fabrication processes as well as using pneumatic tools as well as understanding their responsibilities as an insulator mechanic foreman.

This company provides mechanical insulation products such as duct liners and PVC fitting covers. In addition, they also offer contracting, estimation and consulting services.

Achievement and Honors

The company produces products such as fiberglass insulation for buildings, refrigerators and stoves as well as glass fiber reinforcements to strengthen plastic materials in various consumer goods. Furthermore, they produce thermal and acoustical coatings suitable for buildings, automobiles and industrial equipment.

Thomas has provided consulting in management and manufacturing to various local businesses, such as Herman Miller for project management and leadership development and SPI Industries for process flow analysis and statistical process control training.

As part of his professional achievements, Dr. Haines received several professional awards, such as the Dakin Lecture Award from IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS). This biennial honor recognizes young scientists or engineers working on challenging high voltage dielectric materials or phenomena and who have produced their first significant results; recipients receive a plenary lecture at an IEEE DEIS conference as well as a $5,000 honorarium and plaque.

Personal Life

Jack Thomas is an attentive family man who dedicates much of his free time to improving his off-grid home and taking care of the livestock in his family’s care. In his free time he also enjoys creating wine from fruits from his orchard and tapping his own maple trees for syrup production. A strong advocate for small government with accountability at all levels, reduced taxes and stronger personal rights he uses his political platform to fight for an improved economy and greater freedom for all Americans living on his 32 acre hilltop farm which uses both solar energy and wood as power sources for its electricity needs.

Net Worth

Jack Thomas and Dale Kleist jointly developed a process to mass produce fiberglass insulation and reinforcement products in commercial quantities for use in homes, buildings, stoves, refrigerators, furnaces and automobiles as well as many other products. This invention continues to revolutionize how these materials are mass manufactured today.

Established in 1931 and with headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this company employs more than 3,000 workers serving customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Their main product is mechanical insulation; additionally they offer PVC fitting covers, duct liners, insulation tapes and fiberglass pipes as additional services.

Thomas Insulation Corporation is privately held, and does not disclose corporate data (e.g. financial growth, employee work force size or customer information) to sites claiming to provide fee-based business reports.

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