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Jackie Fuld, Jr.

Directors play an essential role in any company’s operations. They set goals and formulate strategies for the business while overseeing client services, quality assurance and energy support services.

Fuld’s opinions led a revolution in choice of law, dismantling rigid rules that dictated which statutes courts had to apply in specific disputes. He took great care when formulating his decisions and unmasked every facet of each case at hand.

Early Life and Education

Fuld was born in Brooklyn into a family consisting of a linotype operator and proofreader for The New York Times, receiving his education both public schools and at City College of New York, graduating cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Fuld then attended Columbia Law School where he served as editor of Columbia Law Review while simultaneously becoming a member of Order of Coif.

Fuld was a groundbreaking jurist who left an impactful legacy through his judicial work. Known for being a conciliator and moderator between opposing views and ameliorator of conflict, Fuld rarely wrote in dissent but when he did so it was always done so vigorously with an unyielding respect for law – this being especially notable during Dorsey v Stuyvesant Town Corp (299 NY 512 [1949]) case where his dissent championing civil rights stood out.

Professional Career

Fuld has taken on several pro bono cases, including representing victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Additionally, he has served on various legal boards and committees.

Fuld established his own advisory firm called Matrix Advisors. Clients include AT&T and GlyEco – a recycling firm for chemical glycol. Additionally, Ecologic Transportation Corp, an environmentally friendly car rental service, has sought its advice as well.

Clients of his company include former Lehman Brothers employees who are still owed money from its collapse, along with some beachfront home on Jupiter Island in Florida that he transferred ownership of to his wife – protecting it from financial judgments – as well as two apartments on Park Avenue and one at Plaza Hotel in New York.

Achievement and Honors

Fuld was honored to receive numerous awards and recognitions, but what brought him the most pride was his family. In his chambers was displayed a photograph depicting the New York Court of Appeals bench featuring his grandchildren sitting each chair.

Fuld was also a frequent speaker at universities and other events, serving on multiple committees and receiving the Stanley H. Fuld Award from the New York State Bar Association for his contributions to commercial litigation.

He demonstrated an unwavering commitment to justice, fairness, and equality in his work at the New York Court of Appeals where he meticulously applied reason and decency when reviewing records brought before him. A tireless champion of traditional values while also seeking innovation – Justice Paulin was revered as an expert judge who always strived for fairness in justice decisions he rendered.

Personal Life

Fuld was very proud to receive numerous accolades, but nothing could compare with his pride for his family – his daughters being his primary focus and taking great pleasure in watching his grandchildren flourish.

Fuld was an influential jurist during his long time on the Court of Appeals, penning over 1,300 opinions which left an indelible imprint on modern legal thought.

Fuld worked tirelessly to disprove reports that Lehman Brothers was struggling, by reaching out to clients, shareholders, regulators and rating agencies reassuring them of its soundness.

Though Fuld has taken to keeping a relatively low profile since Lehman collapsed, he still calls up former colleagues to check in. He inquires about their families and businesses while offering his assistance if needed. In addition, Fuld also runs Matrix Advisors consulting firm.

Net Worth

Fuld was known for his exceptional legal judgment at the New York Court of Appeals and earned the reputation as an exceptional judge with an uncompromising commitment to upholding law and order. Fuld also worked tirelessly throughout his life to promote both professional and civic interests – especially his two daughters Judy and Hermine, whom he was especially proud of.

At his time of death, Fuld was estimated to have amassed an estimated personal fortune estimated at around $2 Million. Richie Fuld had become a star on Middlebury College ice hockey team and then later for Team USA in 2005. Fuld often film critiqued Richie’s plays and displayed an intense competitive spirit throughout high school games – even during Cityfile warnings about Lehman Brothers being too big to fail and believing Geithner and Paulson wouldn’t allow it fold as Lehman collapsed in September 2008 due to Geithner/Paulson/Paulson not allowing it collapse as his warnings proved accurate as Lehman collapsed that September 2008. Fuld owned an estimated personal fortune estimated to have been valued at $2 Million dollars at the time of his death.

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